Source for reflective Auto Blankets to keep dogs cool
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Thread: Source for reflective Auto Blankets to keep dogs cool

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    Default Source for reflective Auto Blankets to keep dogs cool

    Where did you buy your reflective blanket designed to keep the back of your truck cool, and what did you pay for it ?


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    Hey Steve-

    You can find them at any department type store-i.e. K-Mart type places. Automotive supply places have 'em too.

    Hopefully Granite State will have weather like this weekend. It's sunny & cool here now.

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    Don't know exactly how you're going to use it, but if you're wanting something to drape over an open window (like a flip-up side window in a truck cap) this stuff is the best!!!

    It does what they say it does. Provides shade and lets about all the breeze through.
    A 6' x 3' or a 6' x 4' piece can be zip-tied to a 6' piece of pvc so you can roll it up and carry it in the truck ... when you need it, unroll it and lay the pvc up over the top of the side window so the mesh hangs down over the window.
    Or I guess you can do what most people do and just clip it onto something.
    Can't tell you how many people have bought some after seeing mine!

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    PetEdge carries a product called ProSelect Solar Canopy. I have two 6'x12' which I place over my van. When parked in direct sunlight, it is as if we were in the shade (excellent product). I've searched and PetEdge's prices are by far the lowest. 8)

    Here is a link to the online catalog page. ProSelect Solar Canopy (Link)
    Jim Boyer

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