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Thread: constipation/surgery

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    Default constipation/surgery

    My dog had surgery Monday afternoon last bowel movement was monday am. He came home tuesday, he's eating drinking urinating, is on tramadol for pain. But no bowel movement. I called the vets office they said sometimes it may take a few days for his system to straighten out and as long as he is not straining dont worry, but I am. Is this normal, what would be the best to give him to help move things along?
    Thanks Cindy

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    I would not worry until the first of next week. If surgery was on the rectal/colon area then I would be concerned earlier. I would NOT suggest using any over the counter enema products unless recommended by the veterinarian. All pain meds can slow the GI tract, but never had a problem when my dog was on tramadol.
    Give him the weekend and relax, your stress will make him nervous. And that's the last thing he needs.

    Good luck
    Nate Baxter, DVM
    Lebanon, OH

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    Default constipation

    Thank You , it was shoulder surgery, when he airs out he loves to do themacho thing and kick his hind legs and dig with his front feet, I think he may be afraid because of the pain, he doesn't act like he has to go. I will be patient.

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    Put him in the room with your newest rug.

    Sorry, I couldn't resist.
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    You can try putting some steamed broccoli in his food or some canned pumpkin. Also, since surgery kills a lot of the good bacteria in the intestinal tract you could give him probiotics for a while, or some plain yogurt.
    Gia Heybrock

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    I remember when my yellow had his shoulder surgery it was the same thing. My vet said it was a combination of the trama from the surgery and the pain killers. It took him about week to get his system straightened out.

    Hang in there

    Winners train......losers complain.....

    Dan Lawler

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    Default surgery

    Thanks we are on week 2 post op The vet told me to mix in a little metamucil and it worked they said same thing, all the drugs really slow down the GI tract

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