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Thread: Question for Wisconsin Trainers/Kennels --DNR and Pond Construction

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    Default Question for Wisconsin Trainers/Kennels --DNR and Pond Construction

    Good day. In short, looking to retire in home state of WI in about 4 years when my Air Force obligation is up. It's been 16 years since I left. Looking for anyone that has gone through the pain of constructing ponds. I hear a lot of "rumors" in regards to the "nightmare" with the DNR. I plan to contact them in near future, but looking for any info/tips/links anyone can provide in understanding the rules.

    End goal is a few technical ponds on about 40 acres. I know townships play into all of it as well (i.e. kennel license, commercial zoning, etc.)

    With that said, if you know of anyone looking to sell in next few years that has the established kennel and ponds, I'd be interested in that as well. I'm open to all areas near Hwy 29 and south.



    Edit: Should note, already reviewing info here:

    and here:

    and here:
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    Mike, Give me a call 715-220-3186 May be of assistance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DRAKEHAVEN View Post
    Mike, Give me a call 715-220-3186 May be of assistance.

    Thanks for the offer. Called and left a message for you with my number. Call at your convenience in next few days. Any time of day works. Currently on Mountain Time.

    Mike Taddy

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    I know of an awesome spot for sale, with really nice technical water/ponds and a kennel license in place, nice home and good central location, 60 acres. PM me for details, or give me a call at 715.499.4008.
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    Sharon Potter

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    If you want to write me personally I am happy to give you some suggestions. I built my ponds starting in 1992 in mid-Wisconsin (near Oshkosh area) and finished eventually six varied pieces of water here in about 1997. Several of my friends have also build Wisconsin ponds since there are many dog trainers in this area. I can give you some hints on how to get started as well as names of some excavators who understand what is involved in dog training. Those digging need to understand about how dogs enter water and issues such as the handler always needing to be able to see their dog. Additionally the type of grass you plant might make a difference when you are recovering the shore area. I spent hours following the machinery around on an ATV during construction since there were many decisions to be made. Correct construction of shores and angles and knowing things like prevailing winds are among the many long list of items to consider when developing a site. My ponds are used weekly by both FT and HT retrievers. Send personal e-mail (see signature bottom line) and i can at least give you a few hints that helped me. I was additionally lucky to have some top Pros in area offer their suggestions and concerns. There are some interesting restrictions from DNR but they can be worked with.

    Happy Retrieving


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