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Thread: Cooling-back by demand

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    Thanks for the article. Had a close call last night myself. It has been hot during the day but waited til late evening (10-15 degrees cooler around 70) to run some blinds. It wasn't until on her way back from the last one that the symptoms showed up. Seems like there is a fine line you need to pay attention to there. It's the first time that ever happened to me and panic sets in rather quickly. Caught it before it got bad so that was a good thing.


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    Thank you for posting this important message. I am new to RTF and there is so much interesting and valuable information!
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    Bill's last judging at Central La. HRC was several years ago and the heat index was 115 degrees. He told his co-judge that they would set up a test so as not to damage or kill a dog. Hope your judges will be as considerate this week end. Be prepared as the heat can be brutal on you and your dog.

    I'll be there too and do hope it won't be too bad.
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    Great information. Wish I knew I this knowledge before this year's Canadian National Am.

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    'Tis the season.

    One of our RTF family had a close call today and it is time to re-focus on the fact that our dogs can overheat.

    It's hard to believe that the last time I saw my buddy Nate Baxter DVM, it was to go to the great white North to have his female bred....and the great lakes were solid ice across the surface.

    But the heat is here in North America now, where the vast majority of the RTF family resides.

    Be careful....


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    Actually I fill a little kiddie pool for training around the house. As temps in Sacramento can get up to 110 in the summer. When my dogs start to over heat they naturally go get in the pool. I've also noticed that coat thickness seems to be associated with overheating. So I keep my dogs brushed in summer training. When training away from my home I will always try to be near some type of water for them to go play in. Take a break or two I'm in no hurry normally. All in all a good article IMO. The bottom line is know your dog and learn when problems start to surface.

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    Thank you for this article. I'm thinking of getting a new puppy, & I live in the desert & summer is coming.

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    Great article

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    Thank God for this thread. It helped me tremendously just a little while ago. I've read over it a million times. I live in Oklahoma, and our heat and humidity is high right now. Tonight we had an accident.

    I had finished working my dogs, and figured some big dog with little dog play in the pond would be fun. I took em out and got some bumpers. We threw for a little while and i just let em have fun chasing each other. They were swimming and having a grand ol' time. I threw a fun bumper for my big dog, and on his way back he looked sluggish. I checked for the signs and found he was getting pretty hot. I called it quits, and headed in. As we were going in, my big boy laid down on his side and just sat there panting a storm. He had gotten majorly overheated. He wouldn't get up, tongue was huge, eyes were red, and i could tell.

    It took me a little while to get him cooled, and thanks to this thread he is sitting in the backyard cooled off and hanging out. Without knowing the proper ways to cool him, I'm not sure what would've happened. Thank you for this thread. It helped me a lot tonight. I hope to never have to do this again.
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    Thank you for taking the time to post this and allowing it to be reposted. I did go ahead and post it on our club site. Again,...thank you.
    Julie Rihn

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