Classic Quotes from Judges during the scenario...
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Thread: Classic Quotes from Judges during the scenario...

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    Default Classic Quotes from Judges during the scenario...

    So, every HT I go to I hear something new and memorable during the scenario. Here's a couple of new ones from this year so far...

    Senior Judge - You cannot use the word "no." If you use the word no, you will be dropped for training and intimidation. We all know that the word "no" is equal to pushing the button on the transmitter and that is just not allowed.
    Master Judge - If you shuffle backwards one more time your out. Your a FT'er and I know how FT'ers train. That shuffling is intimidation and you cannot do that.
    Senior Judge - Yes your marks and land blind were excellent but your dog didn't take enough water on the shoreline blind. I know he was online, but you should have put him out in the water further.
    Master Judge (Mine from this past weekend) - Ah hell, Cantrell is here, there goes the neighborhood...
    Paul Cantrell
    Black Ice Retrievers
    Marcola OR

    Too many dogs to list (By some Bitch)
    "Helping Hunters Train Their Dogs"

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    Gary joking around one time while there were a bunch of pro standing close with in listening range, loudly told another judge with less experience then him, "if it comes down to two dogs in the end and you don't know which way to go, always look to see if one is pro and the other am. and you just give it to the am. ofcourse." A few tail feather got ruffled with that comment.

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    Scenario: Open water blind, 28 dogs carry over from previous day, water level has fallen considerably from swimming to lunging and wind changed 180 degrees from downwind to directly in your face.
    As I am trying to pick up my dog after no response to whistles after first 100 yards Judge says to me:
    " I know, they cant hear the whistles after they get past those tulies"

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    Senior Member Jerry's Avatar
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    Bedias TX


    At least one set of tailfeathers got ruffled when the Marshall stated to me, "The Judges said to tell you, if you asked, that your were dropped due to "lack of effort".

    That prompted a little e-mail from me to both Judges.

    "Where The Hell Is Bedias, TX?"

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    Another scenario:
    Amateur Saturday morning: More experienced judge says to less experienced judge "The only thing wrong with our test is that the first bunch of dogs probably will have difficulty seeing the guns and birds because they will be looking directly into the sun, but dont worry, it will get better as the sun rises" And thats the test, line'em up!

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    No lie.
    Had a MH judge tell and he was absolutely serious,
    "We had to drop some dogs and I guess you're one of them."
    When asked for clarification, he replied, "I don't have any thing else."
    BTW, I shot flyers with him the day before.

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    Senior Member Franco's Avatar
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    Quote from an Open Judge, Spring 2007

    "I don't care if the dog pinned the marks, the dog took the same initial line to two of the birds"
    "All those things bother me: The populism, the lying and the scapegoating and the xenophobia bother me, but then there’s a layer of incompetence here. I suppose, in a way, we should be thankful: If he had a coherent ideology, he’d probably be more dangerous." P J O'Rourke

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    "Well how many cast refusal's do you think we should've allowed?"

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    A couple of years ago I had to walk out into the field and get my dog Midas, at a Master Hunt test. The judge had a few funny comments (now looking back) "I don't think that he is coming back, I blow the whistle one more time, the Judge laughs and says, "well try a few more toots" "Sorry bud the 35 whistles and the nine here's didn't do it maybe you ought to go ahead and go out and get him". As I m walking back in with dog in tow the judge says "Boy he sure is a good lookin fella". When I got back the Judge told me, don't worry about it, notice the crowd not a single soul is laughing because they know they could be next walking out there.

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    A few weeks back I heard an HRC Started judge 'splain..."You will be required to sit on the bucket for some of the test, and stand for some of it. We have a responsibility to teach handlers what to expect when they move up to the next level"...??????

    Wonder how many "got hooked"?

    When the one you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.

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