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Thread: Classic Quotes from Judges during the scenario...

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    Best HT scenario by judge:
    First series of the Master a handler ask the judges for the scenario and got: "3 birds were in the air,they got shot and hit the ground, you need to pick-um up".
    I don't recall them asking for the 2nd series!


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    Land blind..........water blind by invitation

    Poison bird and clear slot at the end of the blind marked by hay bails....

    Line was under arc of poison bird which was about 50 yards deep and through hay bails........

    Run the land blind....under arc......through bails.....decent blind.

    No invition to water blind.

    "May I ask why?"

    " You didn't challenge the line."

    " Ok, thank you."

    These are field trials and the people involved largely don't understand a normal day much less a "normal days hunt".

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    lolololol at Ken.

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    And I just cant figure out what are the troubles in the sport

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    Default Re: Classic Quotes from Judges during the scenario...

    Quote Originally Posted by Gun_Dog2002
    So, every HT I go to I hear something new and memorable during the scenario. Here's a couple of new ones from this year so far...

    Senior Judge - You cannot use the word "no." If you use the word no, you will be dropped for training and intimidation. We all know that the word "no" is equal to pushing the button on the transmitter and that is just not allowed.
    Master Judge - If you shuffle backwards one more time your out. Your a FT'er and I know how FT'ers train. That shuffling is intimidation and you cannot do that.
    Senior Judge - Yes your marks and land blind were excellent but your dog didn't take enough water on the shoreline blind. I know he was online, but you should have put him out in the water further.
    Master Judge (Mine from this past weekend) - Ah hell, Cantrell is here, there goes the neighborhood...
    Oh I missed one from a senior judge...
    Senior Judge - the akc recently separated marks from blinds and to pass my test you must average 5.5 on the blinds in order to pass...

    Paul Cantrell
    Black Ice Retrievers
    Marcola OR

    Too many dogs to list (By some Bitch)
    "Helping Hunters Train Their Dogs"

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    That second one about the shuffling is hilarious. Is that what you FTers do, shuffle? Not at that guys test.

    "You may not think I'm funny but I do, please don't take anything I say seriously because it's probably not."

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    I was a Marshal for a Master Test. While running the water blind the judge told a handler that he was going to be dropped because he was intimidating his dog with his whistle.

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    It's no wonder that folks new to the game are scared to death, confused and constantly asking what to expect at the different levels.

    There's some really crappy judges out there it sounds like.

    Glad I've never had to run under any around here.

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    I agree Brad B; however these stories are far & away the exception not the rule. Most judges do a good job and I appreciate their contribution to the sport.

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    So.... AKC senior test, first series is land. My dog breaks on the honor. judges give working dog handler the option of staying on line or coming back in 3 dogs. Handler wants to stay put. Judges tell me to honor on lead. I sheepishly tell them I lost my piece of rope in the tall grass and have no lead. One of the judges says to me...............
    "Just stand on her tail, I do it all the time when I run"
    "So what is big is not always the Trout nor the Deer but the chance, the being there. And what is full is not necessarily the creel nor the freezer, but the memory." ~ Aldo Leopold

    "The Greatest Obstacle to Discovery is not Ignorance -- It is the Illusion of Knowledge" ~ Daniel Boorstin

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