Not directly dog related, I apologize, , but it sure will affect a lot of us who train our dogs andhunt our dogs...

I hate politics, and I know most of you do to, BUT (there's always a a big but) the future of waterfowling needs your help...

Below is information sent out today from DU - we are in danger of losing the WRP program, RIGHT NOW if we fail to act. Please takea few minutes to read thid to follow through. If this program is allowed to die it will be difficult if not impossible to revive...and it will have a tremendous impact on all species that thrive in wetland environs.

Following up with this morning’s “Call to Action” conference call with DU’s President, Executive Vice President, and other senior leaders, the Government Affairs and Communication staff has prepared these talking points. As you read this, Congress is in session devising the Farm Bill. Shockingly, the proposal in Congress right now is to not provide any funding in the Farm Bill for the Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP). We can’t let this happen! If you care about waterfowl, wetlands and duck hunting (and I know you do) please help! It’ll only take a minute.

Here’s what we need you to do:

Please call your two U.S. Senators and your Representative. Phone calls are more effective than email. You can call (202) 225-3121, which will get you to a Capitol Hill operator who will connect you to your Congressman. If you don’t know who your Congressman or Senators, you can log on to and click in the “Take Action to Save WRP” box located at the lower right of the front page and follow the directions to make a call.

The most important thing – the essential message – is that we need funding for WRP in the Farm Bill. Please ask the Budget Committee to allocate additional dollars toward WRP in Farm Bill.

TalkingPoints: 1)The Wetlands Reserve Program is a critical agricultural conservation tool in the Farm Bill.
2)WRP funding is being cut to zero. The program will come to a halt without the needed dollars to continue.
3)If funding for WRP is not provided, Congress is telling landowners that being a good steward of the land is less important than growing crops on marginal lands.
4)Please ensure that the Wetlands Reserve Program is saved. Work with the Chairman and members of the Budget and Agriculture Committees to find this funding.

Since 1990, WRP has restored more than 2 million acres of wetlands on marginal farmland, providing critical habitat for waterfowl and many other wildlife species. WRP is integral in helping to offset the 80,000 acres of wetlands that continue to be lost in the U.S. each year. It is a totally voluntary and very popular conservation program. By the way, this funding does not compete with commodity type payments to farmers. We’re working to get separate money.

WRP is the largest federal wetland restoration program ever. We have an opportunity to influence key decision makers in Congress, but if we don’t do more, we will lose WRP.

So PLEASE do two things:

1.Phone your Congressman and two US Senators before June 28th
2.Ask at least 6 other people to also make these 3 calls.

Do it today if possible.

Many thanks.