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Thread: Typical Derby?

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    Drew L

    Default Typical Derby?

    What would a typical Derby look like? I plan on going to watch some this fall, but was just wondering if you could run me through a set-up and what kind of distances we are talking?

    Where would you say a dog needs to be in yardwork and fieldwork as a minimum before going to the line in today's Derbies?

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    This question was addressed last week http://www.retrievertraining.net/for...ic.php?t=44615

    A competitive derby dog should be done with yard work and doing some sophisticated field work. You will see hip pockets, two down the shore, long channel swims, disassociated marks and lots of invitation to cheat. They are usually doubles with no retired guns.

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    The topic has been covered a lot. Here are 2 links that might help - I'm sure there are many more.



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