Bomb threat across the street
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Thread: Bomb threat across the street

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    Default Bomb threat across the street

    There is a bomb threat at a Carl's Jr. restaurant across the street from my work. Several blocks are blocked off by the police. The told us to stay away from the windows facing west. My office has a wall of windows facing west. I hope it's just an empty threat. I certainly don't want the windows to shatter and cover me with glass. Scary times.

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    Senior Member msdaisey's Avatar
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    Wow - be careful.

    That is nuts.
    What you get out of it is what you put into it, then a fat lady sings.
    Marc Broussard

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    Senior Member wsumner's Avatar
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    Is the food that bad there?

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    Senior Member Nimrod's Avatar
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    Default 30 Years On

    Lived through 30 years of it here in N.I.

    Got the tee fact several!

    They never win though.

    It may take time, but the good guys will always come through.


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    I heard an little explosion when the police detonated the trumpet.

    A real trumpet blast: Case near downtown eatery turns out to be musical instrument
    Cops evacuate area, use robot to detonate 'suspicious package'
    By Russ Rizzo
    The Salt Lake Tribune
    Article Last Updated: 06/27/2007 02:26:34 PM MDT

    Updated: 2:28 PM- A small suitcase with a trumpet inside led to the evacuation of a downtown fast-food restaurant and the immediate area this afternoon.
    Somebody came across the green case near a Carl's Jr. restaurant, at 75 E. 200 South, about 11:40 a.m. and called police to report a suspicious package. Police evacuated the area, clearing cars and pedestrians, and a bomb squad robot detonated the package about 2 p.m.,said police Sgt. Rich Brede.
    Police discovered what was left a trumpet after the case was shredded.
    The exercise highlights an important lesson for people in public areas, Brede said: "If you leave something somewhere please tell police."

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    Glad that's all it was Juris.

    The pen is mightier than the sword, and considerably easier to write with.
    -- Marty Feldman

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    Senior Member Travis R. Bullock's Avatar
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    That is scary, you just never know what people are capable of doing.

    Take Care,

    Travis R. Bullock
    Train Hard - Hunt Hard - Play Hard

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    Why would anyone blow up or threaten to blow up a Carl's Jr

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    Senior Member YardleyLabs's Avatar
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    Lest we think this is something new, I remember once around 1977, sitting in an executive cabinet meeting in the NYC Department of Social Services. The door opened and officers in bomb suits came in telling us not to move. They brought in two bomb sniffing dogs to sniff everything in the room. It took several minutes to determine the room was clear. When they left, we finished the meeting as if nothing had happened. Strange times. It made evacuations feel so much tamer.

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    Senior Member Losthwy's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Johndrow
    Why would anyone blow up or threaten to blow up a Carl's Jr
    Because they forgot to hold the pickles, and didn't give me extra ketchup. Theys gots to pay!
    What its prominence suggest, and what all science confirms is that the dog is a creature of the nose- A. Horowitz.

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