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Thread: E-collar Stimulation Levels 101???

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    Imagine what Rex could do with a dog these days.......
    "Women are like labradors...,they all have their quarks."~Phil Robertson

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Atkinson View Post
    I agree... I think we all - human and canine have our own thresholds of pain. But the best way to put ourselves in the shoes of another is to see how we personally would interpret it.

    I've zapped myself all the way up to the highest level I've given my dog.... But I'm looking for a little "science" or a little engineering design knowledge, if anyone on the board has it.

    Why not test the current with a multitester? That would tell you exactly what current is being delivered at each setting. What the dog feels is a different story.
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    I was searching for something else and came across this one.

    I kinda miss these days...

    I had a great training session today with great friends, including offspring of mine.

    Be happy all and enjoy the day.

    "Determining and applying the criteria for when and when not to use correction is the essence of the art of dog training. I make a distinction between a mistake and a lack of effort." - Mike Lardy - Volume I "After Collar Conditioning"

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    Thanks Chris. I too had a great day training with a friend. All turned out good except the weather. Learned lots. Love it when it is good. Like you said be happy folks.
    ps. enjoyed reading all this thread. But I have a Dogtra!!! Enjoy!
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    Having problem getting the new posting button to click on to make a new posting

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    Default pretty easy

    Easy to see what Rex could do these days...Just follow Judy Aycock or Danny Farmer's success.

    Just a bit of input on my take on the intensity change....it is anything but linear....almost expeninial between a 1 and a 6 High.... With the way that the collar delivers the stimulus in micro second burst. It is more than possible to tap and use a nick almost the same.


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    Just wondering how many out there remember the lip clip....haaa.those were the early days.
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