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Thread: Your lightening guidelines????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Bora
    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Duck Hunter
    Ken, would you please tell a few of the details about Sandy's accident? I'm sure others will learn a valuable lesson from it.
    It was the Friday afternoon before the test. Sandy's husband Andy was one of the judges. They (The judges) were setting up the morrows marks. A storm rolled in and they all sat together in I think 2 vehicles. The storm passed, Sandy got out of the car first to pick up some trash. A piece of orange ribbon or something like that, left from some other set up. From the back of the storm a bolt of lightening struck and killed her. The test went on. It was like running dogs at a wake.

    And Andy saw the whole thing happen right before his eyes. He even rolled down the window to tell her to get back in the car because the storm had passed totally yet. What a tragedy................
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    We had the husband of an employee brought in the ER that was struck by lightning after the storm passed walking their dog. I believe the dog was ok. His body "lived" 3 days and on autopsy his organs were fried. I think the 30 minute rule after the storm passes is a good one. I never go outside after the storm.
    Nancy P

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