Grilling Corn on the Cob??
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Thread: Grilling Corn on the Cob??

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    Default Grilling Corn on the Cob??

    Has anyone ever grilled corn on the cob? Just wondering how you do it? Do you shuck it or what? How long that sort of thing, just thinking of something different.

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    You can grill it in the shuck or not.
    I like to shuck it, lay it on a peice of al. foil, put 5-6 slabs of butter on it, salt/pepper, wrap al. foil around it. cook for about 10 minutes on med heat.

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    I take the silks out but leave the husks on, soak in cold water for a few minutes, or just get everything wet. Pull the husks back up and around and throw on the weber. Turn occasionally. They need about half an hour. I never cook corn any other way!

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    I like to grill it with the husk on. I take a 5 galloon pail fill it up with water and let the corn soak for a couple of hours and then put them on the grill, by leaving the husk on it kind of steams it, tender and tasty. Happy fourth
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    I've done it both ways, personally like to soak it for an hour or two and then throw it on the grill with the husk on turn every so often give a half hour or so depending on how hot the coals are.


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    Default Re: Grilling Corn on the Cob??

    Quote Originally Posted by Ralph Bartley
    Has anyone ever grilled corn on the cob? Just wondering how you do it? Do you shuck it or what? How long that sort of thing, just thinking of something different.
    I saw this method on one of the morning shows, shuck the corn, put into ziploc bag, add olive oil, salt, and pepper, rub the ears with the olive oil in the bag, remove the ears from the bag and grill 3 to 3 1/2 minutes turning frequently

    blend roasted paprika into butter and apply the butter after grilling, it certainly looked tasty

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    I like to sit down at the table after any of these suggestions are followed!

    Happy 4th!!
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    I barbequed lots of corn when we went camping over Canada Day and this is what we did:

    - Pull off the outer few husks (the really dark icky looking ones) and soak in water for about 45 minutes (or less if you are hungry and impatient).

    - Pull back (but not off!!) the rest of the remaining husks to expose the corn, remove all the cornsilk that you can, rub on lots of butter and pepper and smoked paprika to your liking.

    - Pull the husks back up to cover the exposed corn and toss on the BBQ until cooked!

    This way the butter's already there, soaked right into each kernel, and you can just pull back the husk (which has given the corn a nice smoky flavour as it roasts) and eat away!

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    Soak it for two hours, remove silk, put it on the grill and turn it every so often and have at it.

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    Everyone has forgotten the most important step in the whole process. Your sweet corn must be fresh picked that day and hopefully you bought it from the farmer who grew it. Any sweet corn from the supermarket or kepp in the refridgerator is good now days. But, it is not as good as it was when it was picked.

    It was hard to imagine back then but, I do miss the summer mornings of my late teens and early 20's when my uncle and I would pick sweet corn first thing in the morning before getting to the rest of the work for the day. You would be wet from the arm pits down due to the dew on the corn. If you didn't wear long sleeves the edge of the corn leaves would eventually slice your forearms raw and they would sting when you sweat. The only sweet corn we ate was fresh picked and went straight into boiling water. Three minutes later you were buttering it up!! On a good day I'd eat a dozen ears between dinner and supper. Several evenings a week we'd fish the local strip mine pits or a farm pond or two. Life was simple and good back then.

    Tom Wall

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