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Thread: Puppy food side by side comparison

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    Default Puppy food side by side comparison

    Well, the subject kind of speaks for it self...
    I have a 5 1/2 mo old Choco lab female and I've been feeding Nutrisource Large Breed Puppy since weening. The last couple bags through her she's been having many, and large bowel movements and I'm thinking there's just too much waste coming out that end.

    After searching and reading and searching and reading, I haven't seen a nice clean side by side comparison as to what is digested the best etc. I have seen the grading sheet before with the A+ A A- etc on it and can't find it anymore...

    I've considered a couple of foods like Eagle Pack, Innova, and Canide, but I'm not sure what else is out there that is real good stuff. I also recall Doc E mentioning Eagle Pack as being top notch but said if he could make a dog food he'd change a few things still.

    Any help would be great, thank you all!

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    I have a almost five month old and he has been on pro plan large breed for pups since Ive gotten him. Poops about twice or three times a day and they are rock solid. Good stuff in my opinion.
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    Default Eukanuba

    I have always fed my pups Eukanuba large breed puppy and they do great on it. Funny no one ever mentions it here when food discussions come up. I think it is a great feed. Am I missing something?

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    Euk LBP here too.

    I attempted one litter on NutriSource Puppy and switched back to Euk LBP after a few weeks.

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    I too feed Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy. Never had a problem. Also have used Purina Pro Plan Puppy on a few pups we were raising for folks with good results.
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    I have always fed my pups Eukanuba large breed puppy and they do great on it. Funny no one ever mentions it here when food discussions come up. I think it is a great feed. Am I missing something?
    No, some people are just anti-Euk and claim it has changed...I have tried many different puppy formulas in the past and always came quickly back to Euk. I think the only foods that come close copy the Euk formulation (I am talking feed formulation not necessarily ingredients.) I feel the same way about the performance formula.
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    The new Euk performance (with the GSP on the bag) has higher fat and protien than the large breed pup. Its an adult food designed for sporting dogs. I feed to my pups 6 months and older and the transition is easy from the large breed puppy. Nice solid poops. Seams to help put and maintain muscle when they are running all the time. Some of their new formulas are worth taking a look at.

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    I feed Pro Plan Chicken & Rice Puppy to my puppies and adult or perfomance to my adult dogs. I tried Euk. puppy in the past. The particular puppy at that time would not eat it. I have fed Pro Plan to the few litters I have had over the years and was very pleased. My Pro feeds Euk. to all the dogs at his Kennel and my FT dog seems to do fine on it. Both are very good foods but if I have a pup that will not eat Pro Plan then I switch to Euk.

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