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Thread: What Stud Would You Use

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    Default What Stud Would You Use

    I have a young female that is doing quite well with Hunt Tests and I plan on running derbys with her this fall. She has been OFA Prelim. and Eye Cerf. Everything looks good. She is out of a Chavez bitch Senior Hunter and Rebel With A Cause. She's got her JH and she will be running her first SH this weekend. She is 14 months so won't be ready to have pups until next year. I would like a Black Stud that is yellow factored. I'm interested in a top notch stud. By the way, she is yellow, 64lbs and very athletic and a very nice looking female. Any suggestions on a stud for next year?

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    FC-AFC Ford is yellow factored & has proved to be a top-notch stud. Further given your Chavez connection, it should provide a nice breeding. That said, I'd endeavor to achieve a MH title as a min prior to breeding. I'd prefer to breed a working bitch in her 4th yr (just my opinion) & that additional time would enable you to get the MH title. I'm not questioning your convictions relative to your bitche's abilities, it will just put you in a better position to sell the pups you don't keep to homes likely to hunt, HT or FT in our soft puppy market.
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    What probably would be important is whether your female is a CNM carrier and whether her elbows are good. 14 months is pretty young to determine how she will do at the derby/senior/master levels and whether folks that see her at events will want a pup.

    I believe that these same folks are your target market and you can promote your upcoming litter before the breeding to determine if there is interest. Don't assume that it will be easy to place 6-9 puppies if there is little interest shown prior to the breeding. If several puppies are placed before the breeding based on the dam and sires attributes, then you will have it easier.

    Since you have time, my suggestion would be to visit your local FT pros, see what studs they have on their trucks, get their advice on the trainability/assets of the dogs they have and watch dogs at a nearby FT. Shipping a dog for breeding or doing an AI is pretty expensive. A natural breeding near your home would be much more economical. You may have the perfect yellow factored stud in your area...
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    Quote Originally Posted by SueLab
    Since you have time, my suggestion would be to visit your local FT pros, see what studs they have on their trucks, get their advice on the trainability/assets of the dogs they have and watch dogs at a nearby FT.
    Rooster is with Jim Beck. Depending on the time of year, there may be lots of pros within driving distance around here...

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    All clearances aside I would wait and see is she is going to make a dog or not.

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