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Thread: Raising a Fire Breather Correctly

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    Bill and Steve.. thanks for the comments..

    That dog in those videos, was named Maddie,, isn't the dog I have now.
    I have talked in other threads about her.

    I never followed much of a standard with that dog.. I "winged it" by attending club training days,, and mixing and moshing different things I read, viewd on DVD's,,and sugestions from others.. I bought into a dog swinging with the gun,and getting up to move is just a "reposition".. HUGE mistake with Maddie..

    I witnessed her wonderful happiness (HAHA) and got the bug to run HRC tests with her long before she was remotely ready.. The sad reality... in that training video, she has a HR title... That's SAD.. The first couple a tests I ran with her, she looked good,, but,, VERY quickly, the wheels came off.. and what you see in the video,, is what I had, just before I took her to Cherylons and started day traing with her on Saturdays.. There sure isn't much TRAINING going on, with respect to that Video, representing an example of a TRAINING day..

    Because of what I DID.. the bad habits I INSTILLED,,it took a VERY long time to correct them... a LONG,, LONG time... Cherylon somehow,, worked with BOTH me and the dog...MORE SO ME..

    There finally came the day, that we thought she could respectably run an AKC SENIOR tests..

    One morning before I headed up to Cherylons to train,, Maddie acted funny. she didn't want to get up in truck, (very unusual) ...and after I made the drive ,, I dropped the tailgate, and she wouldn't get down, and was visibly sick..

    I drove back home,, straight to vet. they did an X-ray, thinking blockage of somesort... they caught the back portion of a lung,,and found the problem... Cancer..dog was running on 50% lung capacity for quite sometime.. 4 days later,, we had to make the tough decision.. the worse day of my life..

    I look back on that nice dogs life.. it was filled with correction, strict training, constantly not forgetting standards.. all control..

    All because of ME!

    When It was finally somewhat "Fixed",, I lost her.. I let that dog down...... Watch the video's is that you?

    Folks.. life is too short...... think about what your situation is... Its STILL very hard to talk about Maddie... She left, August 16th 2011..

    I will say this... the dog I have now...Flinch,,, doesn't have that fire in her like Maddie did. She is a wonderfully compliant dog... Training her has been great fun.. I can relax as I run a dog now.. (Sometimes)
    I dont have to constantly worry about creep, break ,bark, fart.. its just SO much different..

    The HELP I received, was the secrete..

    MY NEXT dog......
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    This thread is really illuminating and helpful. I appreciate folks' experiences and reflections.
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