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Thread: Big Brother

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    Default Big Brother

    I hate to admit it but I thin kJoe is the funniest and isnt afraid to tell anyone what he thinks and is one of my favorite next to dick. Shayne did you see Dicks shirt?how many times you been there?

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    Amber needs to go i cant stand all the crying ....

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    Default The crying can continue

    i'll take crying over the veto comp threats of jenuine whatever?
    Don't take training sessions too lightly. And don't forget, after all, that they are training sessions for the handler as well as the dog.
    -Charles Morgan On Retrievers

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    Joe has to go, i want to punch him in the face really really hard. I spit water out of my nose last night when he said he didn't know his own strength cuz he's such a beefy hot stud. Dustin is way to cute for him! HAHAHAHA (thats what Staci said, i have no opinion on the matter)

    JenuSUCKS is the most miserable b-i-t-c-h (my mom said spelling it is not as bad as saying it) that has ever been on that show. How dare she threaten people like that. When everyone was telling her to nominate Joe and she wanted to nominate Nick, everyone should have just dogpiled her and started dropping elbows and throwing knees to the kidneys! If someone would duct tape her mouth, i wouldnt mind looking at her in the red leotard a little longer. Good pics of that now available on the net!

    Amber? Are you kidding me? She was balling talkin about "of all the balls, why'd they have to pick mine"... she's three weeks into the show and got picked to play in the veto comp - and she's crying like her best dog just died. Give me a break. Friggin drama queen, she needs to go too.

    I can't believe Nick is into that anorexic Danielle. She is gross. He should be goin after Jessica.... mmmmmmmmm she's way yummy.


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    Kristie Wilder


    can someone give me a summary of what happened last night?

    i watched the first few minutes, thought it was tivo'ing, got busy doing work and came back a couple of hours later to watch only to find out it had been skipped... grrrr...


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