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Thread: The Lesson

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    Default The Lesson

    Well, it's been six weeks since Gunny was whelped and things have gone swimmingly.
    This is him doing the "cute" routine.

    "the cute pest"

    My behavior as a faux sibling has worked and Mom has done her part to properly clue Gunny
    in about behavior with other dogs. A week ago, I started the "puppy shuffle" walk with him
    and he understands where not to be. Yesterday, Gunny and I started "The Walk" which is a ritual
    all my pups follow. The Square Pond training area is a perfect place to allow a young pup to
    explore, learn and become more aware of what he is all about. There is a large corn field
    surrounding it with many erosion strips plus a football field size area of mowed grass to the east. 8)

    The Square Pond

    He got his feet wet yesterday, and at the end of today Taffey came out and went for a
    swim. Gunny followed suit and was swimming for a short time. After he came out of the
    water, he got another session of "The Lesson" from Taffey. It was interesting to watch.
    He'd like to be a pest, but she is patiently putting him in his place. Here is a page showing
    the sequence.

    The Lesson Pictorial (Link)
    Jim Boyer

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    What an adorable and beautiful pup!
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    Gunny is so cute

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    THAT is one cute pup!!!!

    I'd give my first born to have a pond like that right now!!
    (although no one would take em)

    It is far easier to spit on the work of others than it is to produce something better yourself.
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