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Thread: Man Arrested

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    Default Man Arrested

    I heard on the news this a.m. that a man has been arrested for animal cruelty for dragging a Yellow Lab behind his pick up for a mile. A lady got so upset she chased the man down and the Lab made it to her car. The Lab had to be put down because it was in such bad shape.

    This has totally ruined my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would like for this to be on National News and I plan to email CNN and Fox and report the incident. If anyone else know of a way to get this on National News I would appreciate the help.

    This incident occurred in Rutherford County, TN.


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    Senior Member Chris S.'s Avatar
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    Please donít try and get that on the national news. It would be just more fodder for the AR position.

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    Default Cruelty

    Who cares about the news.... what happened to the guy dragging
    the dog? I won't say what I'm thinking but.... you know what
    they used to do to horse rustlers.... Sorry if that seems
    radical but when I hear things like this I just lose my mind.
    It is what it is....

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    The very same thing happened near here, only it was a pit bull instead of a lab. The story was that the dog was kept tethered out attached to the hitch ball on the truck, and that a relative took the truck without the owners permission, did not notice the dog, and dragged him down the road for over a mile until a motorist pulled up behind him, blowing the horn, screaming like crazy and got him to stop. I'm not sure, but I think this dog made it. I do know the owner was found guilty and was hit with the highest allowable fine, but no jail time. What is wrong with people????

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    You know there was a Chevy Chase movie "Vacation" (?) that I saw years and years ago -- Inadvertently Roy (Chevy Chase) tied his Aunt's dog to the bumper and drove off. Police man pulled him over and both ended up crying. At the time I thought the movie was very funny..........but when things like that happen in real life its very, very sad......... I just recently saw a guy in the news that doused his pit bull with gasoline and set on fire..........what ashame. I hope these guys end up doing time in jail.

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    We had a guy here that did to a horse. He is not a popular person needless to say. It is sickening to hear and see the details. Horse ended up dead also. Wish I could say the same about the guy.

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    Last year, a mile from where I live, someone hung a Border Collie in a tree and left it. A $5000 reward was offered, but to this day no suspects or information. I don't even want to know what kind of people can do this, but I know the world would be better off without them.

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    Arab, AL


    I know a guy that done the same thing but was accidental. He was visiting at an ole coon hunters hangout one morning and tied his dog to the back bumper so to not be couped up in the hot dog box. He forgot he was still there when he got ready to leave . He only got about 150 yrd. up the road going real slow when a woman stopped him. The dog survived but had pretty bad road rash. The guy was so pissed at himself he almost quit hunting because of it.

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    Default car/dog

    One of my steadfast rules is to NEVER leash my dog to ANY part of my vehicle or any one else's. Crazy things can happen.

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    A handful of years ago I was camping up north. As I was walking by a camp site I turned just as a guy fired up his pickup truck. He put it in gear and started driving, I noticed that he had a dog tethered to a tree but the line had caught on the bumper and was running about to have the collared dog hit the end of the line at the bumper. I screamed like a crazy man. The guy stopped, and unhooked the lead. I donít know if the dog would have been killed or not but it wouldnít have been pretty. The guy didnít even acknowledge me, never mind say thanks.

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