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Thread: dog wobbly on hind legs

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    Default dog wobbly on hind legs

    Just got a call from trainer and he said that my maxx pup came out of a water retrieve and was wobbly on his hind legs. As we were talking he seemed to recover. What should we be asking the vet and what are the possibilities. He is 16 mo.
    steve becker

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    The first thing that I would do is get a detailed description of what field work was done that day and what were the temperatures and humidity (Ok. has been hotter than Texas the last few days). Was the feeding schedule different? Additionally, I would want to know what training pressure was involved and how it might have been different than other days. Also, had this type of event ever occurred before...

    I am presuming that your trainer has had the dog for awhile. What did the trainer think caused the episode? Do you think your trainer would recognize heat related issues?

    I would also be concerned that this happened in the water since there could be a possibility that if it happened again, the dog might not make it to the shore. (I heard Friday that the water temps are at 87 degrees...not particularily cooling. I can attest to that since I went in the pool and it did not seem to be very refreshing because of the water temp.)

    Since I am not a vet, I would collect the data and go to a vet hospital or to a vet who deals with field dogs for testing and diagnosis. I'm sure that the resident vets on RTF could give you a list of posibilities which might include, glucose levels, heat, various genetic diseases, or EIC...among just a few possibilities.
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    You may want to check out this site.

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    By Maxx, to you mean Lean Mack?

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    I would be VERY concerned with the 2nd occurrance and be very careful with the dog. (thinking EIC)
    Nancy P

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    I'd be thinking EIC also!

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