Problems with Mink!!!! Please help!!!!!
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Thread: Problems with Mink!!!! Please help!!!!!

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    Default Problems with Mink!!!! Please help!!!!!

    HELP!!!!! i know this doesn't have a lot to do with retrievers but since they are killing my training birds I need help!!!!!

    I am having a problem and I need some imput. I have many pens with pheasants and ducks and i am having a heck of a time with mink. i raise about 8000 pheasant and about 3000 ducks.

    Last year I lost 1000 pheasants and 200 ducks with mink and this year they are just starting. I have lost 50 pheasant in the past two nights. So this year I replaced all the insulators on my pens with 2" one and not 4" insulators and I have three strand around each pen. I have three pens, one is 350 by 150, one is 180 by 100 and one is 150 by 150. I also put a 2'X3' piece of chicken wire on top of each post around the pens.

    In addition I have many, many traps set around the outside of the pens, with an arrangement of lures and bait. I also have cleaned up any posts or junk laying around to keep them from living there. I live 1 mile from a small river and they are coming from there. Two of my good friends are trapping there during the season. Just to let you know the game wardens have been there and they also told me it is a mink, and they also said that weasels are not in the area that I live.

    I am at the point where I don't know what else tto do??!!!???? Any suggesttions?? My only next move is TNT and blowing everything sky high!!!!!! If you have any tricks or anything please let me know.

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    Get a small sized terrier (or two)-a feist, or a fell, or even a Jack Russell-from WORKING stock-there are lots out there earning their keep as varmint control.
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    Default Varmints

    I grew up on a farm by Letcher, about 3 miles from from the Jim River. We had both mink & weasel, trapped both, so I'm not sure I would agree with the warden.

    Where I live in WA we have some weasel & our cat presents us with a dead one on occasion. We also have a heeler that does a good job on varmints. Neat thing about the heeler, she's always working, cats have a tendency to retire early.

    If you decide to use dogs or cats you have to pick up your traps & baits or they will get tangled up with them.

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    Marvin S

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    I'm with Marvin on using a heeler. The jacks have a tendency to like the birds too much. Tellus lost 100 pheasants to his jack in a couple of hours...

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    fly bait in pepsi, keep your dogs away from it , or tree stand and shotgun.
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    make a coat out of them..... Or, hang one there like a scare crow!

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