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Thread: Energy Bars

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    Default Energy Bars

    Does anyone on RTF have an opinion on Team Realtree XtremFuel Canine Booster Bars. Last season when I hunted my 2 year old lab hard 2 or 3 days in a row he seemed drained on day 2 and 3. Does this stuff work or does anyone use anything else?

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    I've been tempted to try them but they're pretty expensive if you look at how they recomend feeding them it could be costly. So I've not taken the plunge yet.

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    I use to use the Purina bars every now and then, but I was never convinced that they really did much. Maybe in situations like long days of training/hunting and I mean where the dog put out much more energy that it does on average they are of use. I kind of think the “Team Realtree” bars are all about the $$$$$$$. What exactly does Realtree know about dog nutrition? Camo yes, dog no.
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    They are made by the Tuffy's dog food company and actually are part of the NurtiSource line of dog food. They are a little spendy.

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    I use to carry those foods that were like ground beef patties and give small portions several times during te hunt. When I was on the trail of a wily ring neck I didn't want low blood sugar to affect the dog.
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