Finally...tired and happy!
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Thread: Finally...tired and happy!

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    Default Finally...tired and happy!

    Our girl finally had our first litter last night. 8 squirmy little black bodies...6 boys and 2 girls. Mom and brood are great. Mom pretty much handled everything and made us bystanders for the whole show. Gotta love mother nature taking care of business!

    I'll put up pics when they're not so lizardlike...
    The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven, not man's.

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    Congratulations, went though it my self 2 weeks ago. Makes for a long night.

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    Dolly had her pups last Saturday, IN THE DAY TIME! I don't know what happened to her clock, but this is the first litter in three years that has whelped in daylight hours. Dew claws gone on Monday, Mom and pups doing well, we feed her, she feeds and cleans the pups for 5 weeks, then the real fun begins. Bill
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