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Thread: Season Postmortem

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    Default Season Postmortem

    We're back already this morning from the Madison Hunt Test.This was our last test for the year.Again we did bad.No line manners and bad at just about anything else you can think of.On top of that,something on the second bird stopped Otter halfway back and got him yelping in pain.The test was over that quick.Looking him over we could not see what caused it.On the way back home we were able to get him to our vet and have him looked at.She could find nothing either for sure but says it possibly could be a soft tissue injury.We will be watching him for a while but he seems to be fine now.So,the breakdown of our first season of Hunt Testing was dismal.If I needed ribbons to eat to survive my ribs would be sticking out pretty good by now.We ended up with a terrible first season record.I would grade us somewhere between F and F-.On the plus side,I have found a wonderful new sport to play with my dog and have met alot of really great people.I am confident we will have our bugs worked out before we run again next year.Now comes the Hunting Season and Otter will only have the same two judges through out it.That will be Me and Mr.Freezer.I'm looking forward to it.

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    Somehow I think you will find your way through it Its weird to see your hunt test season ending and ours just beginning. Our next outing is Sept 29 and 30 in Bennettsville, SC.

    But dove season does open shortly, so my dog will get a few trips there. Its funny, but if last year is any example, the real hunting is a much more relaxed event for my hot head and he enjoys it. Maybe he just saw his "Dad" miss so many birds that he figures he might as well chill

    If you find that you can not live off your winnings, you might try your camera. Those are beautiful shots.

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    Thanks for the photo compliment.The camera has been an added fun part.Last week at a Minnesota Hunt test several people got some really good pictures of thier dogs sent to them for free.We will probably send todays photos to the Madison Club but there are not too many because of our early exit.Our hope is to eventually get good enough to sell to people who want pictures of thier dogs at a low price just to cover expenses.For now it's all free and just for fun.

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