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Thread: Mike Perry - Thanks!

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    Default Mike Perry - Thanks!

    I wanted to give a public thank you to Mike Perry of Townley, Alabama for the work he has done with my BLM. I carried Trey to Mike the second to last week in May. I explained what my expectations were with short and long term goals. Mike said that he would keep the dog for two weeks to determine if the dog had the tempermant and work ethic he desired in a client dog.

    Long story short, he has taken a dog with multiple ghosts in his head and laid the foundation such that Trey should be a very solid hunting dog, and with a little bit of luck we might have some success in a HT or two. We have been lucky enough so far to have gotten two started passes at the Central La HRC hunt test. Trey has also retrieved a mess of teal on three different hunts. :P

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    Hey I know this Mike Perry guy and your dog Trey. Mike is a great trainer and goes out of his way to help. A special thanks to Mike from me also. Mike helped us along in running the hunt test.
    P.S. Your dog Trey got to ride in the back seat of our Sequoia while in Louisiana. You have a great dog and my son absolutely loved him.

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    Hope he didn't make a mess in your Seq. He isn't the neatest dog I have ever owned!

    Thanks for the comments regarding Mike. He does a excellent job and doesn't "cookie cutter" his method for every dog. Each dog gets the type of attention that is best for that dog.

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