What letters don't you use in naming your dog and why?
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Thread: What letters don't you use in naming your dog and why?

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    Default What letters don't you use in naming your dog and why?

    I am not sure where I read the article, but it was about what letters NOT to use when picking a name for your pup because of how easily it was for someone else to release your dog at the line before you were ready to go.

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    Maybe not so much as the letters - but common names - like "Dixie"... a lot of people have that call name. One of our girls is named "Jazz" - which you do see from time to time. But, she ended up in the running order in front of another "Jazz". We asked the Marshal of the test to split them up........ couldn't have my Jazz honoring to the working dog - Jazz.
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    I don't think a name like Jack or Zack or anything that rhymed with "back" would be too good, as a lot of people send on back

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    I would not send on any word that started with a "D". Some judges release on "Dog". I do have a dog who's name starts with "D" but my dog does not release on his name. Instead I picked a release word that I have never heard used as a name. That way you cover the times that you say the dog's name along with a command......like SIT.

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    Naming your dog with an "S" name could be a problem. If you need to reinforce "sit" at the line, the dog could think it's about to be sent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzz
    Naming your dog with an "S" name could be a problem. If you need to reinforce "sit" at the line, the dog could think it's about to be sent.

    I made the mistake of one of my dog's name starting with an "s" sound. could never tell her to "sit" on a honor for fear she would take off. another one I don't like is anything that rythms with "heel" or starting with an "h". Too easy for the dog to take off if they do creep out a little bit or break.

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    My new pup's name is Shelby, I will send her on BE. I hope this works out OK and I think it will.
    Mike Peters

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    Default letters not to use

    "S"--"sit" hard to reinforce at the line and could cause the dog to break.

    "N"-- 'No" hard to reinfoce at the line for "noing" off a poison bird.

    We have Banker and don't feel it is a problem with "back" because you want the dog to leave on Banker and back. We cue on "dead" for blinds, so he knows he is running a blind.
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    I'm from the school that stayed away from names that were similar to, or sounded like commands.

    Anything with a hard S..like Sam, or Slick.

    Anything with a long O...like Bo, or Flo, or Mo.

    Unlike the one suggestion of having problems with Mack, Jack or Zack...because of the 'back' command, I've not seen that be too difficult for the dog to work around. I can't imagine where having the 'marks' command sounding similar to the 'blind' command causing any confusion with the dog, since the set up is so different.

    Like most of our commands, if you can find a call name that has only one syllable...only one vowel sound...I think is best, but lots of dogs are sent on two syllable names these days, so it's not that awfully important anymore.

    My all time favorite male dog's name was a get of Westwind's Bold Tiger that was named Tiger's Little PeeWee, and they sent him on Dick.

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