calcium and whelping
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Thread: calcium and whelping

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    Default calcium and whelping

    I was reading about the calcium and whelping on the other thread. I was wondering what is the best time to start on calcium? Before, during, right after, what is best?
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    Kristie Wilder

    Default Re: calcium and whelping

    Quote Originally Posted by labman52738
    I was reading about the calcium and whelping on the other thread. I was wondering what is the best time to start on calcium? Before, during, right after, what is best?
    You need to discuss it with your vet. It is sometimes given both during and after or just after and sometimes in conjunction with other drugs like oxytocin. You have to be careful. It is administered by wait.

    Although we have stuff like tums on hand, we use injectable calcium esp if used during whelping because it has to get there quickly.


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    I haven't heard this. What is the calcium for? My vet has never mentioned it for whelping.


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    its like an energy boost for them. A friend told me about it and I have used it ever since. If mom slows down on labor,I give her the oral stuff( calsorb- can get over the counter at many dog supply catalogs).
    Its amazing-I think it works really well.
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    The injectable calcium is called calphosan (sp?) and I believe it's a prescription drug, but Kristie is right, it should be used under a vet's supervision. It's used sometimes to stimulate contractions to help clean out any afterbirth instead of or with the labor/contraction inducing drug oxytocin. A good reproductive vet will be familiar with it and how/when to use it. When Puffin got nasty with her pups and several breeder friends suggested she get the shot, my pet vets who were nearby were not helpful and had never heard of it being used for that. THey were convinced she had to have mastitis or some other ailment (she checked out fine...nothing physically wrong with her). I was pretty frantic and ended up consulting a different vet, a large animal vet/neighbor I use for my horses who happens to be a Lab breeder and she was familiar with the calcium treatment for the aggression and in my dog's case it worked like a charm, she calmed down within a few hours and after about a day I never saw another sign from her. It is a scary thing listening to your dog growl at her babies like she wants to kill them! Puffin was not a first time mother either; and she'd had calcium added to her diet during the late stages of her pregnancy via cottage cheese and yogurt.

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    Calcium injections during whelping should be given only under veterinary supervision. Calcium supplements can be given after whelping for the calm thing. I keep the calsorb on hand but will give the Pet Tabs calcium after whelping for the calmness especially after a c-section. During whelping vanilla ice cream can be given as a calcium and energy boost.
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    Default Whelping

    My female started on pill form calcium about 4 weeks after the breeding took place. This seems to provide her with plenty of milk, and a little extra strength during whelping.

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    i agree cottage cheese and yogurt it is natural way.. Tums was also a suggestion during whelping, and every day afterwards while nursing.. Maria

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