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Thread: Large breed puppy food

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    Default Large breed puppy food

    Now that large breed puppy food has been out for a while, I would like to know has anyone noticed any difference in these dogs when they are full grown. Such as improved OFA ratings, overall body size, and joint health? I am not interested in what the dog food company is telling us, slower growth, less calcium, less hip problems. I am interested in knowing what breeders and dog owners are finding in their puppies fed large breed formula food.
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    We've been feeding LBP for more than ten years now. The pups do tend to grow slower and fill out later, giving the pups a tall lean appearance. They develop the filled out, mature look about 4 to 6 months later compared to the regular diets of the past.

    In the end, the dogs still end up with the same build and stature at maturity.

    We didn't have much in the way of joint problems before the switch, and we still don't after the switch. We did notice a sharp decline in occurances of Pano with LBP.

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    I noticed slower growth so far. My father just got a golden who was not on a large breed puppy food buy a regular puppy food and hit 50 lbs at 17 weeks. My pup is 27 lbs at 16 weeks. His dog is very awkward and clumsy like he lost coordination and my dog at 27 lbs is much faster than he is.

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    We fed our golden Purina One Large Breed Puppy and he grew at a nice steady rate. Now he is on Purina One Large Breed Adult and has a nice coat and good energy.

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    Got a pup on Royal Canine Large breed puppy, I have never had a pup with such a nice coat, even growth and great tone without fat. No gas either, great stools

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    I have a male we fed a perfomance adult food from a pup and through adult. He has had no health issues OFA good, Elbows normal. We had a female who was on the same stuff she came back with mild hip dysplasia..normal elbows. Our latest female is on a LBP. Her growth seems to be consistant to the growth per week as that of our male. I think food cannot cure genetics unless you're allowing your dog to be a complete pig and not exercise your dog..then, you can create some of your own issues food cannot help, obviously. I did find that the performance a good brand has a good amount of gluclosamine and other vitamins...however, the good LBP contains more...but, I would for sure check the amount of calcium in the LBP. You just have to find what you think is best go with it, exercise your dogs DAILY..swimming is awsome!!! Not allow them to be fat and hope they are genetically sound. Feed a quality food and the rest is out of your hands.

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    I've always fed puppy chow for the first year and last pup I fed large breed puppy chow until 6 mos. of age when he developed Pano. We had to change him to adult food which helped the Pano eventually.
    Our current pup is 7 mos. old and went on adult food between 18-20 weeks. We had him at the vet last week for a little preliminary x-ray before going off to be force fetched. Hips look good, deep sockets, no evidence of abnormality, etc. He has grown very evenly and has no health issues. Our vet recommends getting them off of any puppy food at 18-20 weeks. He has been exercised daily and because of summer heat, mostly swimming.

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