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Thread: Roux-FRank P

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    Smile Roux-FRank P

    Yesterday I introduced pups to live birds, they all went crazy. Went out this morning to feed pups and clean kennels. When I opened kennel door the pups usually follow me out to feeding area, surely they had forgotten were the birds were. Not a chance, instead of going left they all went right to the bird cage and were jumping up on it like a pack of coyotes. The pups are five weeks old and we have been keeping a daily log on all of them. Not scared of any thing and very adventures. Birdie not a problem. I was tossing birds out in front of them and with a pup, pup, pup call all but one were bring the birds back to me. The one just wanted to play with hers.
    I breed to Frank Prices dog Roux and am very happy with what I see at this age. For any of you who do not know Frank he is a first class act and a heck of a nice guy. This is not a sales pitch all pups have been placed. I just wanted to brag on my pups and Roux and maybe frank little too. Take care 
    If i wanted it to be easy i would have bought a black dog. (i would like to retract this statement-i own one) Rocky Hill Retrievers

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    I have heard nothing but good things about Roux puppies. I also met a very young Roux pup over the winter & he had that extra something special-not just a cute puppy! I would have taken him home in a heartbeat. Good luck w/ your pups-if I were looking for a pup I'd be really interested!

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    Good to hear! I'm thinking about a possible breeding with him and my chocolate girl next year!

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    If your breeding to a Choco, he's a good ern'...

    SHOOT EM' IN THE LIPS..........

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    Default Roux

    I dont think you can go wrong with Roux. I have seen him run a couple of times, the dog can mark. The first time I showed the pups a live pigeon there was no hesitation. Just puppy smiles.
    If i wanted it to be easy i would have bought a black dog. (i would like to retract this statement-i own one) Rocky Hill Retrievers

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    I'm planning on breeding my choco GRHRCH UH girl to Roux this spring.

    All I've heard is good things about Roux. I can't wait!!!!!!!

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    Thanks all. Your 20 is in the mail.

    The one Roux pup (Boozer) that I am training is all that I could ask for. Time will tell.

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