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Thread: Best youth shotgun

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    I have a Remington 1100 Special Field in 20 ga, with english stock. It is an excellent shotgun for a youth, or a woman, or when I get tired of dragging my 870 around. I bought it in 1995 or '96 to teach my then 13 year old step daughter how to shoot. She did well with it. It is a very easy to swing, light recoil shotgun. Chambered for 3", it eats 2 3/4 dove loads and 3" magnums without fail. I shot it this past season during our annual pilgrimage to South Dakota to pheasant hunt, it drops ditch parrots stone cold just as well as my 870. I love this little shotgun, and it would be a great shotgun for a youth just starting out. And, it just might be the shotgun you reach for when dove season rolls around...
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    This is the gun I decided on.

    Ordered it yesterday. You might be a redneck if you are planning a 10 year olds birthday party at a shooting range!.

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    Good choice on the semi-auto. My 9 year old can shoot 4 rounds of trap and leave wanting more with his Tri-Star youth 20ga. That simply wouldn't be the same result if he had a single shot or pump gun.
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    He was completely surprised when I handed it to him. First his mommy handed him 2 boxes of 20 ga. shells (he has been shooting grandpa's 4/10 ) ,he said these are 20 ga shells ,they wont fit in my gun mom . Then I handed him his new gun and he was all smiles. Today were guna head to the farm and shoot some clays.2013-06-18%2018.05.52.jpg

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