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Thread: Cosequin

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    Default Cosequin

    At $77 for 120 Cosequin chewables, it's time to shop for a better price. Does anyone have a favorite internet supplier? Are there any scams out there to watch for? I did see one for $39, plus $5 shipping. That would save me over $200 per year. I will stay with the vet for all other meds and am only shopping around for Cosequin.

    Tom Dorroh
    Boston, GA

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    Cheaper in the larger quantities, of course.

    If you really want to save $$, get the powder form. (It's made for horses but it's the same stuff ... my vet told me that and she has horses and dogs.) Just a little hassle to figure out the dosages.

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    try .

    I have ordered from them twice.


    COSEQUIN DS Chewable (120 Tablets)

    Regular price: $68.95
    Sale price: $39.99

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