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Thread: Air Fare for dogs

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    Default Air Fare for dogs

    I just made a trip from CO to WI using United Airline. I paid $200 one-way for my dog, who is just 50#, was checked-in as a baggage. Last time I traveled w/ full grown dog before my WI trip, was 4-5 year ago from DC to CA, but I don't remember paying that much. If my memory serves me right, it was only $75 each way.

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    Like everything else: It's gone up! A lot of the airlines don't make a distinction between the cost of the dog flying as cargo when you fly too or whatever their cargo rate is. It's by weight-total weight of dog & kennel. It's a lot pricier than it used to be, but I have to say that with an airline like Continental I'd pay that over a lower rate (if it exists) for the peace of mind. They are very committed to caring for the animals that fly with them.

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    I flew a dog and a person back to CO from NC 2 years ago on Continental - the person was cheaper...but the dog was probably cared for better and didn't get stuck in a middle seat.

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    I only pay $110 when I bring one back from London on American.
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