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Thread: Line Control (from the Holding Blind to the Line

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    Default Line Control (from the Holding Blind to the Line

    I need some help. I have a wonderful 4 year old lab that acts like she is 6 months old pup when going from the holding blind to the line. She has so much "fire" power (bred Lean Mac) that she just can not hold her zeal to get to the line. When she get to the line, she is wonderful, but the judges, I know just cringe, watching her manners and think she is untrainable. (which she is not). She just want to get there and do what she was bred for. When I train, she is just the opposite and is just one controlable girl. Right beside my left knee to the line.

    Have any of you had this problem and what did you do in your training to correct it?????

    Thanks, Rockytop

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    Senior Member Marty Bullington's Avatar
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    Do you train with a group? Do you train with holding blinds. I would suggest you train with a group (if you don't) and try to make it like a trial situation. Judges, flyers, ect... She sound trial/test wise to me. Good luck.
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    Put a holding blind out before the line. Put out a couple of "judges chairs" near the line.
    Set it up just like a test/trial.

    If the dog surges forward, you stop, "no here" and make dog return to you. Make dog sit for a minute to understand what you want. Walk slowly.
    If dog continues to "cut up" don't allow dog to get the bird.
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    What event is this in?

    Often it is the leash. Frequently we see a JH dog that is walked to the line on lead and struggles and pulls against it and then is perfectly calm on the line. The answer is often to walk to the line off lead.

    You're gonna have to do it this way soon enough anyway.


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    Senior Member MooseGooser's Avatar
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    You and I have the same dog.

    The advice for a training group, and use of SEVERAL holding blinds on the way to the line is good advice.

    Keep a high standard of your heel command,She screws up,,back to the holding blind--start over.

    I was told to work one problem at a time. Just work on getting her to the line in a test environment. If She makes it, just throw a simple mark.

    I was also shown I was comming out of the holding blind in a bad way. I had the dog being able to swing wide as we left the blind, thus getting her out of position right from the get go. I now always come out on the right side of the blind . I also have the dog in a down position, wait for the judge to call "dog" , walk out to the side of the blind, command "Heel". When the dog heels to me, I command "sit" I start the caddence to the line with a few steps, and then command "heel" again.

    It has helped, but I really have to keep a close eye on her.

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    Senior Member Misty Marsh's Avatar
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    Two words "mock trial"! If you can put the e-collar on the dog hours before great, and if the dogs wise to the collar just use a crop! This is one of those crapy problems that needs to be addressed!

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    Senior Member Ted Shih's Avatar
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    Work on your obedience and in particular on having the dog move BACKWARDS with you.

    When you come out of the holding blind - in training, or at a trial, have your first movement be BACKWARDS

    When you get to the mat, before you settle in, have the dog move BACKWARDS with you

    Counteract the dog's FORWARD movement, with obedience work in the opposite direction
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    I would also note that OB starts at the truck, not the holding blind. Create a solid routine, increase your standard and enforce it. Meditate on the suggestions in the thread so far, their good. Very good.

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    i agree with Ted; counter the forward momentum. if the dog forges, you must stop and make her return to heel. when she does, heel backwards a couple steps before continuing.good luck!-paul
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Johnson View Post
    What event is this in?

    Often it is the leash. Frequently we see a JH dog that is walked to the line on lead and struggles and pulls against it and then is perfectly calm on the line. The answer is often to walk to the line off lead.

    You're gonna have to do it this way soon enough anyway.

    I'm having this very same problem and have thought about trying the march off lead since he's never on a lead during the training group and he behaves much better - tried it both with and without the e-collar.

    Does any one think this is a good idea? Aren't there some dangers in this - like the dog just blasting off and not coming back? Are the possible benefits worth the risk?

    Help! I nearly had to go to the doctor to have my left arm re-inserted after two straight days at the test this past weekend.

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