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Thread: Bittersweet MH brag

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    Senior Member Teri's Avatar
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    Default Bittersweet MH brag

    At 10yrs 8 months of age Snap finished her MH title this weekend at the Bryan-College Station hunt tests. Snap
    earned 5 MH passes this spring but since she did not have her SH title
    she needed one more master pass or 2 senior passes which would finish
    her SH title and then that would automatically finish her MH title. We passed the
    back-to-back Senior tests to double title after earning her first 2 SH legs at 17 month.

    She is officially OTCH Tanbark's Sneak Attack UDX RA MH WCX *** OBHF OD.

    The bittersweet part is that 5 weeks ago Snap had her spleen removed
    and was diagnosed with metastatic hemangiosarcoma of the spleen and
    liver. I expect she has days to a couple of weeks left. Fortunately she
    doesnt know that and continues to live life full throttle--all out and
    always ready. I take comfort in knowing that hemangiosarcoma is not a painful cancer but one where the vascular tumors rupture and the dog bleeds out.

    Snap felt great and there is no place she would rather be than
    retrieving birds. She was delighted to have 2 flyers who were very alive and
    flopping; she came close to breaking on the honor; forged and crept on the walk-up and stepped on all the marks. She
    had a big grin and smile on her face....while still trying to convince
    me that field work is NOT a team sport, that she can do it all on her
    own! It was a great last hoorah together.

    A special thanks to the Judges, Vicki Christianson and Jeff Brown for their support, hugs and kind words. It was a very special weekend.

    Snap continued to display
    desire, heart and courage of which she has such an abundance.

    I have no words to adequately express how much she means to me...nor
    to convey how devastated I am. All of our dogs have part of our hearts, but she reached in and grabbed my soul and said "your mine".Right now I will continue to enjoy
    our remaining time together while she brings smiles to my face amidst
    the tears.

    To make it an extra special day several of her kids sired by FC-AFC Glenhaven Htrs Mn Baronet also had a successful weekend:

    her Daughter, TealOak's Pedal To The Medal MH TD NA NAJ WCX ** owned by Roger & Sue Armstrong finished her MH title.

    Her Son, TealOak's Weebe a Pistol SH WCX owned by Tom Lehr & Megan Baker earned his 3rd MH leg.

    Her Daughter, Half Moon TealOak's Hot Tomato UD owned by Kathrn Willis on their 3rd show after earning their UD is up to 51 OTCH points.

    Snap's Littermate, OTCH Tanbark's Something's Burnin UDX OBHF continues to hold on to the position of being #1 Obedience dog in the country All-Breeds. Not bad for an almost 11 yr old--Snap is pulling for you sis.

    Photos from the hunt test of her final retrieves

    Please keep my little red smiling wild child in your thoughts

    Teri Jakob

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    Jan 2003
    League City, Texas


    Sorry and Glad to hear about Snap Teri.

    She was not just a nice golden, but a nice dog.

    I am honored to have thrown birds for her.

    "You can train your dog any way ya want. It ain't my dog. "

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    Senior Member Becky Mills's Avatar
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    Jun 2004
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    If and when I can come up with the words I'll try to make a proper post. Until then I'll keep you and your smiling red wild child in my heart and prayers.
    Take Care,
    Don't bother to just be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.
    William Faulkner

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    Senior Member Juli H's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
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    What a wonderful tribute to a very special girl....I hope that her time remaining with you is wonderful and full of smiles...


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    Senior Member twall's Avatar
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    Jun 2006



    I'm sorry to hear about Snap. It is never easy for such a special relationship to come to an end.

    God bless,

    Tom Wall

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    Senior Member frontier's Avatar
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    Nov 2003
    Tuttle, OK


    Teri, what a spectacular memory you will will have in your heart of this weekend with your beloved Snap. For Snap to be able to achieve this accomplishment is such a gift although bittersweet. Your words described so clearly how special Snap is to you.
    Terrie Tomlinson
    Frontier Retrievers
    HR Five Star Winning Sue SH
    Young Guns: Frontier's True Grit With a Cause "Rooster" and Frontier's Gossip Girl With A Cause "Gabby"
    Boykin Spaniels: Max, Scarlet, Rummy, Jewels, Bella

    In Memory:
    HRCH Frontier's Cherokee Rebel MH (5-9-2000 to 12-6-2011)
    Moonstone's Little Girl Found MH (3-20-1998 to 5-2-2008)
    Calebri's Take the Money and Run JH (3-3-2008 to 6-20-2012)

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    Senior Member GBUSMCR's Avatar
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    Happy sad thoughts for you and Snap. You will be in our prayers.
    George Billings
    Scout and Bella
    Aurora CO
    In Memory
    "Tess" Amigold Duckus Takem - Miss her greatly

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    May 2003
    New Mexico


    I love those whitefaced old goldens, Teri, and oh, how I hate hemangiosarcoma. At least she got that last pass and is happy doing what she loves.

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    Senior Member Patti Benton's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
    Flower Mound, Tx


    Vicki was telling about your run and I was crying as she was telling me. I lost a dog nearly a year ago to Hemangiosarcoma. He hunted opening weekend last year.

    Congratulations on your SH and MH in the same weekend.

    HRCH UH Benton's Magnum Opus MH WC - Magnum (500 points) 9/11/94 - 5/9/07
    HRCH UH Fowl Play's Dust Devil - Dusty (500 points) 2/5/98 - 11/15/06
    HRCH UH Benton's Ria of Opus CGC - Ria (1520 points) 3/2/02- 8/6/12
    HRCH UH GRCH UR03 Go West Mamma's Last Nerve AKC/ASCA BN PCD RE ASCA RN RL2-AEO CGCA RATN RATI- Emma (545 points)
    HRCH GRCH UR03 UCD Benton's Opus Pocket Change AKC/ASCA BN PCD RA ASCA RN RL2-AEO CGCA RATI- Penny (100 points)

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