I kind of stumbled on something that works really good. I recently repainted the wings to my Mojo mallard. The colors that most closely match the 3 wing colors are as follows: Krylon camo paint ultra flat green / any flat white for the stripe / and blue painters tape to finish off the wing bottom (all of which I got @ my local Walmart). If you paint the entire top of the wing flat green before the other 2 colors, the white paint and the blue tape stick much better. For the underside of the wing use the same flat white and paint the whole underneath. Once the wings are finished and dry here is a great way to store them and keep them from getting scratched. Use some corrugated plastic (like the stuff political signs are made of) and make a holder for your wings. Remember the days of albums and the album jackets that held them? Well now make a double album jacket for you Mojo wings. 3 pieces of the corrugatated plastic cut to size/ use the Mojo wing as a template and cut grooves in the 2 outside pieces so that the bar that goes down the underside of the wing has a place to go. Leave the middle piece of plastic as a divider so that the wings don't rub against each other on the inside. Put it all together and tape 3 sides with duck tape leaving the exposed groove side untaped so that you can slide the wings in and out. If you tape the holder together while the wings are inside it gives you a little bit of play so the wings go in and out easily. It works really good! As an added bonus it fits into the side pocket of your standard Mojo bag where you store your wings anyway! Kind of makes the bag a little rigid and easier to get things in and out of. Try it. It's really worth the effort.