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Thread: Dog Laws (need help)

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    Default Dog Laws (need help)

    I need some input, please. I live in a very rural town (pop.3000) and as a kneejerk reaction to an incident with a new land owner and their dogs the town has proposed very restrictive dog laws. We are having a "workshop" on these proposals to adjust them and I need some suggestion as to how to stop them.

    I am in favor of NO restrictions and feel NYS laws already address most situations. I already go above and beyond with dogs in my care but don't wan't to see a bunch of restrictions on the books. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    I can't figure out how to email you. If you send me your email (I'm at I'll forward it to some people who've fought this kind of battle before. If they have time they'll point you to some ideas for response.

    It helps a lot to organize articulate dog owners and advocates and make sure you're well represented at all public meetings. Be courteous and classy, but make sure you're seen and heard. If anything is done that's not public, you have to make noise about that. There may also be some standard arguments you can adopt. Letter writing also helps. Make it as easy as possible for people on your side to write letters. Give them the names and addresses and a list of good talking points to choose from. No one person needs to cover them all; everyone has a short attention span in this day and age. Don't forget letters to the editor of the local paper.

    Amy Dahl

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    Chris go to the National Animal Interest Alliance website. They have "A guide to construction successful, pet-friendly ordinances".

    Good luck,

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