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Thread: maximal difference?

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    Default maximal difference?

    Two siblings out of the same litter, one is a FC, got the title fast, the other one is struggling to get the MH title, both given equal opportinities trainingwise etc. Both these are mated to the same bitch (at different times). How big will the difference be in the pups/litters talent?

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    HI Linda,

    A litter that has a dog that titles young, does not mean that the rest of the pups will be so blessed...they share the same chromosomes, but the genes can be quite different.....(I think)

    just like people - for example - brothers and sisters can be very different and yet have the same parents (well, often times child may get straight A's and go to an Ivy League school while his/her brother/sister struggles to read past a 9th grade level....

    I have a son that struggles night and day to get good grades in math....and another that has the ability to do very well, but motivationally? well he needs to be pushed ......

    They are all different (thankfully!)
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