Poisonous Peace Plants (Lillies)????
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Thread: Poisonous Peace Plants (Lillies)????

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    Kristie Wilder

    Default Poisonous Peace Plants (Lillies)????

    So, I'm sitting here staring at two of the most beautiful peace plants, one of which is half the size of my 60 something inch big screen TV...

    and it just popped into my head that they're poisonous... Right??? I found them on toxic plants websites... But wanted to confirm, since I'd love to keep them.

    But this just may not be the place for them, I guess...

    Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers. PLEASE keep them coming. The constant contact has been therapeutic and VERY helpful.

    God Bless You All!!!!


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    Senior Member Judy Chute's Avatar
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    ..especially felines...who are more difficult to control as to what they are chewing on I think there is a website for poisonous plants for pets...will have to check it.

    Nice to see you posting, Kristie... Do you have a favorite at the Nat'l?


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    Kristie Wilder


    Quote Originally Posted by Judy Chute View Post

    Nice to see you posting, Kristie... Do you have a favorite at the Nat'l?

    well, we have 3 cats... so I'll find somewhere to put it in tribute... will come up with somewhere meaningful...

    of course I have a favorite!!! MY puppy NAFC NELLIE!!!!

    I don't know what I would have done the last few days without all my rtf friends. Can't even begin to tell you how consoling it is to read the messages. Can't even begin...


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    Kristie, glad to see your message. Can't help about the plants but I'm sure you'll find an appropriate place for them. Glad you know we're all here for you. Keep hanging in there hun.
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    Kristie - I just searched a website I had saved (Cornell University)... they have Lily of the Valley as poisonous.

    Scientific Name / Common Name(s)
    Convallaria majalis / Lily of the Valley / affects: cats, dogs, humans, goats /
    all parts of the plant / can cause: cardiac glycosides and saponins

    Also, here is the website where you can search for it (in case your plants have a "tag" in the dirt (some come with them) that lists care instructions for the plant....

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    I looked at Cornell too. I had shipped a puppy and she got very ill a few days later. It turned out the 5 year old was playing with the puppy with a calla lily stem and the puppy chewed on it. If you google it can be fatal. She ended up on IV's and almost died so I wouldn't trust any lily although canna is listed as safe.
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    If the plants are poisonous to the cats then you can always take them to a local assisted living facility - we did this when we had way too many flowers from our niece's funeral.

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    Kristie Wilder


    It's closed in a hall bathroom shower until I figure out where to put it... My brain is so fried, I can't think. I'm trying to come up with some of his favorite places with which he did business. Of course, many are animal-related, so it won't work!! ugh...

    Thanks everyone!!


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