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Thread: gift ideas--easy ship

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    Default gift ideas--easy ship

    Last year, a few of us posted places where we order gifts. Thought it might be worth redoing. ships gourmet cookies anywhere. I've even shipped to Iraq. I choose the "free shipping" list. When you order one item, you get a discount on a nice variety box. So, place your orders two at a time to take advantage of that discounted box. Be sure to send a discounted box to yourself! They are great with a cup of coffee when unexpected company drops by.
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    Kristie Wilder


    My cousin sent me a Cheryl's gift basket after Joie passed away. I just opened it and have picked at it. It's really great, beautifully presented. I'd highly recommend it. All of the items are individually wrapped (at least in my basket), so they won't go bad quickly.

    I also highly recommend I ordered a ton of them last year and people loved them. They usually have a variety of them on sale, discounts if you get their catalog, etc.

    then I like for sweet, personal gifts. I've ordered lots of things for friend and family. Always beautifully presented and each item comes with a story about the item itself. I get tons of gifts there. They have some gift baskets on there too. The packaging is usually bland and I highly recommend you read the user reviews, as some of the stuff is literally junk. But if you know what you're buying and follow the reviews, you can get nice stuff. I've gotten a lot of jewelry (not fancy, just casual stuff) on there and I've liked all of it. Like overstock, but not as much stuff. I just started watching this site over the summer. I'm sure it will go nuts over the holiday -- they track and log "slick deals" -- really great deals you can get online. Usually they're gone as fast as they come, so you need to monitor closely. I got a $40 pair of sketchers sneakers for $15 shipped. Bought some beds in the bag for $16 each, normally $60 plus (not sure quality, but look nice for when you just want them to look nice -- I've used one of them for the dogs). They had dinner at Morton's steakhouse deal it was $100 a la carte meal for two that included 4-5 courses and a beverage each. That may even still be in effect til the end of the year, can't remember... Basically the group shares good finds, discount codes, coupon codes, etc. one of my favorites, esp for hunting/outdoor stuff

    The sale/outlet departments at LL Bean and Lands End are great, too.

    Of course, ebay...


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    Always a nice gift to receive is from Omaha Steaks. We were lucky to have received a box from them lately, nice surprise.
    If anyone knows where to find wine glasses with labrador theme, please let me know.

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    One of the guys that went hunting with my hunting friend and me sent us Enstrom's Butter Toffee from their store in Colorado. Really good toffee better than most.
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