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Thread: Dog's Perspective

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    Senior Member Miriam Wade's Avatar
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    Apr 2003

    Default Dog's Perspective

    I hemmed & hawed about posting this & I'm going off line for a bit, so won't see replies (if I get any!) for a bit.

    IF you had a dog who you knew enjoyed working & seemed to have some talent (subjective-I know), but who you thoroughly enjoyed as a house dog/ companion & he seemed to love that role too-would you consider sending him south to train for the winter? I guess if you could ask the dog which he'd prefer-long walks in the snow & training when able, as well as the life of a house dog OR a winter in a (well-maintained) kennel, experienced training,-marks every day, blind work, airing w/ dogs he clearly likes & a chance to go to line 6 days a week...

    ..what would you do?

    Appreciate any input-

    "You can put pressure on a dog, you canít take it backÖ"

    Mitch Patterson '07

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    Miriam, Glad beyond belief to be here posting this after my "little incident" last Monday. I never ever envisioned sending any of my dogs away to a pro for any amount of time. I have a strong training group and I able to train 3 4 5 days a week on some pretty nice grounds. I left Kargo with David Jensen after winter training with him for several weeks last year. The best dog training decision I have ever made. Kargo is 2 today and he runs better blinds and marks just as well if not better than Jesse at 4 1/2. Getting QUALITY field trial training every day and building that foundation is so very important. Trust me the dogs love what they do when they are in the program. He is home now for the month of December and He will be going back for the Winter trip and as much more as I can afford. If you think Finn has the desire and the ability( I know he does) to play the field trial makes all the difference in the world. It's not that I don't have the ability or the time, the difference in my opinion is FULL time training. The learning curve gets accelerated in a big way. Especially for a young dog. Decide whats best for you and your dog and follow your heart, you'll never be wrong.

    Good Luck with your decision

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    Senior Member Buzz's Avatar
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    Brookings, South Dakota


    I have a female that I truly love as a companion and is a great house dog.

    She will be going south for the winter... In fact, she's either in Texas now, or on the road back home for the holidays, haven't checked in.

    I am 100% sure that the dog loves the work.
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    Senior Member Juli H's Avatar
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    I think that dogs realize they are in a different situation, but wonder to what extent that impacts them after the initial adjustment.....I mean one month into training, the dog is probably going to be great.....

    Your dog would likely be extremely happy getting the work
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    Senior Member FOM's Avatar
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    Falcon, CO


    First thing - what are your goals?

    I know without a doubt my dogs are selfish little turds that will work for birds and they would vote to go South. So that is where Bullet is.....Flash well he has to settle for real hunting when we get out....

    I vote send Finn south if you can afford it.......

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    Senior Member Steve Shaver's Avatar
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    Ahhh oooo
    M's got a delema.
    Well M to me bottom line is he's a dog. I know I know he's more than that to you and I understand that completely. The question is what do you want????? If you cant be without him keep him home. If you want a dog to compete with send him off to get the best education you can afford to give him. He will still be your baby when he comes home plus he'll be better prepared to compete WITH you as a team and I know you and him would like that. It's only for a few months. He's young and so are y..., well your not old. hahahaha just pokin fun there. Only a decision you can make. I had the same problem with Kitty but I sent her off and I am glad I did. We have more fun together now than if I hadn't.

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    Senior Member YardleyLabs's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    Yardley, PA


    I made this decision for the first time this year and my 10 month old baby will be going to Georgia for the winter. I had her home for a week two weeks ago, and that made the decision harder as I realized how much I missed her. However, she loves her trainer and loves to train. I want to run her in derbies next season and there's no way I could get her ready without a pro and without access to water through the next several months. It helps that I have a new pup and another adult dog who's ready to drop some pups.

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    Senior Member Dale's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
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    M, I know how you feel about Finn. Finn is a highly skilled professional and puts his work above all other desire. He wishes only to please. So there for if being away from you pleases you it would be what he would want. I know it is hard to have him away as it was for me with Merlin. I have never regretted the lonely days in a duck blind while he was gone.
    I have told you before to listen to your heart, it won't steer you wrong. You know the level of work you want him doing and you know how to achive it.

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    Senior Member GBUSMCR's Avatar
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    Hi Miriam,
    I vote to send him south for the winter. He loves the work and the birds. I have my little guy with Chylo now and will keep him there for the winter. The disclaimer is that I am only 100 miles away and will admit to frequent trips to see him. While I think I could still send him off, I am close and even with that it sure is hard to have him for the weekend and then take him back.
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    Senior Member jeff t.'s Avatar
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    You will miss him.

    He won't miss you.

    I know how it feels,

    Jeff Telander
    Durham, NC

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