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Thread: Training Dummies

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    Default Training Dummies

    What does everyone use for training dummies? Land? Water? Size? Color?

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    2 and 3 inch avery hexabumpers i use orange and flasher(black and white) both land and water
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    Lucky Dog 3in white and 2in white/ Lucky dog 3in and 2in orange.I do have a couple Avery ATB's mallard and teal and several of the 2in bumpers in flasher/orange/white.My pocket likes the lucky dogs real well.
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    I have tried them all and like Hallmark the best. They stay soft in cold weather and seem to last forever. The Avery Hexabumpers are hard as rocks. I bought a few and gave them away.

    I like the large orange or camo for blinds and the whites for marks.

    I also use a lot of Dokken DFT's. I like the wood duck the best for it's size.
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    I also like the "Hallmark" for the same reason as
    Wilson". They stay soft when its a bazillion below zero.I use white ,black for marks and orange for blinds. I like the 2" bumpers.

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    2 inch for drill and pile work because more of them fit in a milk crate.
    3 inch for most marks.
    Plastic for most of the year. Canvas for dead of winter parking lot training. I have shattered plastic ones throwing parking lot marks in February. I have orange for blinds. White, White/Black, Black, Dark Green and Glow in the Dark pale green. You have to charge up the glow in the dark ones in the truck lights but they will glow for a while after.
    What ever brand is least expensive at the time I need to buy is what I use. Almost 1/4th of all the ones I have now are from others leaving them on grounds and me or the dogs finding them or being left in my truck. You can never have too many.
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    I use black and white - I have both 2 and 3" ones....use 3" ones for longer marks, but mostly for marks I use DFTs when I can't use birds....I use birds everytime I can. For blinds I use 3" orange, but if I'm running any drill that requires a lot of bumpers I use what ever I have.

    Oh yeah, all my bumpers are EZ Rotational brand....

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    I sell and use the Hallmark bumpers, and love them! This spring I found a white bumper of mine that spent the winter in the marsh, I was surprised when it was still soft and showed no signs of breaking down even though it was frozen in the ice for 5 months. I was furthur surprised when I took it home and washed off all the scum to find that it was still very white underneath, I don't think many others bumpers can say they would weather like that!

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