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Thread: No Live Birds until FF is Done?

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    Default No Live Birds until FF is Done?

    Here's another question. Because I know my dog has extreme desire for birds from the exposure she had to them when she was young, I have not given her many birds becuase I wanted to wait until Force Fetch was done in order to have bird handling command to work with. Is this the correct way or am I hurting her birdiness by not giving her birds. I guess I wasn't concerned becuase, whenever, I have given her birds, she has been going nuts and wanting to tear up the bird, which is why I have not been giving her birds until FF is done. Am I correct in doing it this way? Thanks

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    I think you're right on track by not giving her birds until after FF, seing that she has been wanting to tear them up. The amount of time she is in FF won't make any difference that you don't throw her birds. If you want to throw her some marks during FF, use bumpers.
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    Kristie Wilder


    My rule is that as long as their manners with birds are good, they get birds. If they get mouthy, play keepaway or have otherwise bad manners, then no birds until I can use FF to reinforce good manners.

    So, as far as I'm concerned, you're doing it right.

    Good luck.


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