A couple of weeks ago, I received a package from Sylvia (jollydog) which included t-shirts for Retrieve A Cure. I've had several people PM me asking about the shirts. Sylvia has told me that I could post her email address for anyone interested in the t-shirts. Her email address is scftx@sbcglobal.net Below is the artwork on the t-shirts.

In memory of Judy Horrigan (artist) who loved life and her Retrievers. She lost her battle with breast cancer after 15 years June 27, 2007.

In honor of Hope & Courage, accept and wear Judy's shirt in memory of her and the Mothers, Spouses, Daughters, Sisters and Friends who struggle with this disease.

Thanks again Sylvia. This is a timely gift as I just learned today a very dear friend of mine is facing a fight with cancer.