FC Candlewood's Meet Joe Black
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Thread: FC Candlewood's Meet Joe Black

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    Default FC Candlewood's Meet Joe Black

    How is he doing as a stud? What type of pup does he throw? Any info please.

    AFC CJ's MISTER T----Any info on him as well.

    This website is the best. The search button is full of gold. Can't find much about these 2 dogs. Please help.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Contact trog on here the owner. The pups I had are outstanding: natural retrievers, easy to train, and good looking with no known health problems.
    Nancy P

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    Chris Atkinson has a Joe puppy, and loves him! He just recently posted some pictures of the handsome boy!

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    I've seen puppies by Joe, Razz, Rooster, & bred to Izzy...I'd breed to or take a pup by any of them.

    They are a "VERY NICE" family to quote Jim Beck.

    Chevrolet Kodiak
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    How are Joe's pups doing in field trial events? Does he throw good markers? Any pups QAA or better? Thanks

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    I'm pretty confident that the Joe X Diamond litter that Nate Baxter had bred up at Trog's has the potential to be good FT dogs. Sadly, I don't think any of us have the resources and/or time to get them to that level.

    I really like my pup out of this litter. He's run a grand total of one derby...and was in contention for a grand total of one series! (So his performance under judgement does not exist)

    He's been lots of fun this hunting season, and my geriatric dogs at home seem to be relieved to get to sleep in when we get up to go hit the duckblind.

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    I just saw Mary Howley(Candlewood) is breeding a QAA bitch out of FC AFC Candlewoods Rita Reynolds and NFC AFC Patton to Joe.

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    Mary Howley seems to really like Joe. She has a few litters right now with Joe as stud.

    Mary Tatum just had a litter out of him as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexM View Post
    I just saw Mary Howley(Candlewood) is breeding a QAA bitch out of FC AFC Candlewoods Rita Reynolds and NFC AFC Patton to Joe.
    I know this thread is about Meet Joe Black, but... I threw birds for all 4 derby series at Sioux Valley in 2006 the last weekend before Ruby aged out. She won it, and she looked really good. There wasn't a mark she didn't front foot. She made it look too easy.
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    I'll double what Chris said about his dog Bus-Turd. His bro Deuce is very trainable, runs hard, and now having a few real hunts under his belt, scans the sky for birds constantly while we're hunting to make up for my old eyes.

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