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Thread: Pattern Blind's not straight as could be

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    Default Pattern Blind's not straight as could be

    I have completed the Double T and transitioned to Pattern Blinds with my 1 yr old. (Following Lardy program/ flow chart) I have established 3 separate blinds on property with good separation. The three leg blinds are left 105 yd.; middle 112 yd.; and right 96 yd. I taught first left leg and ran several days starting at 40 yd. and working back to the line stated above, then taught right and middle with same progression over several days. He is taking/remembering the line, but has a slight bow when taking the line to left blind (the grounds do slope down to the rt.) . I transition to front of property to establish two new pattern blinds and ran for two days, he remembers the blind but the bow is more significant on this one approx. 150 yd. Could it be the distance is causing and need to get closer and run for few days before backing the line up? I also noticed he does not "Lock Head In" when I que dead bird. Will this come with age and attrition?
    I am trying to locate different pattern blind locations and run before going to cold blinds. Your thoughts!

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    Have you watched the TRT2 DVDs? Lardy's lines are not perfectly straight.

    Does the dog go when sent?

    Does the dog have good momentum?

    Does the dog sit squarely (no loop and no crooked sit)?

    Does the dog turn the correct way when cast?

    Are these bows or is the dog flaring?

    You'll teach casting with blind drills and will straighten out the lines with literal casting as you progress through cold blinds.

    If the dog goes when sent, goes with momentum, sits squarely, turns the proper way when casts, and is not flaring an area, I'd move on.

    I wouldn't keep teaching new pattern blinds for sure. If you have a problem that needs fixing, fix it on your 3/legged PB or return to pile work.
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    move to cold blinds. pattern field is for mechanics.

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    With the dog in sit position and facing toward the blind. Lean over the dog and look at their back to be sure they are lined up correctly. When you are setting up a blind check for any factors that might cause the dog to run off line, and either handle them or simplify. As said before if the dog isn't flaring then it's not the end of the world if they aren't running perfectly straight.

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    Regardless of attempts to fix the bow in their line, they'll always keep taking it. That's their memory of success the last time so they'll continue. You're building momentum and the mechanics to put into play the parts of diversions on the pattern blind field.
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    Is it a Boykin?

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    Run it backwards and see what happens, but I agree with Glen and /paul. Probably time to move on.-Paul
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    Lardy mentions putting a folding chair in the area where the bow happens. This is done in an attempt to straighten them on their line. It's in the TRT or TRM video I cant remember which one I saw it in.

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    "Is it a Boykin?"

    Hey, my Boykin runs a bow.
    I got this! It ain't rocket surgery!

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    I wouldn't worry about the bow in pattern blinds. All your trying to do is build momentum here. Your not looking for a finely tuned dog yet. However use these patterns to your advantage once the dog knows them well. Many people don't realize after building the momentum the teaching value of taught patterns. I personally teach 3 long patterns then establish 2 short between the 3 long, making a W. I use the short blinds to teach dogs to cast off of suction to a known destination.... Once the dogs are doing this well start integrating marks like a KRD drill with them to teach a dog how to run blinds in relation to a gun.

    Just my .02
    Good luck
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