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Thread: 10 minutes from retrieving to "should be dead"

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    What an amazing ending to such a tragic story. The power of prayer is a miracle. Ace is in my prayers for a complete recovery.


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    I hope everything is OK. We will send prayers.

    I have never thought about vet locations while traveling.

    Please keep us posted.
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    Best wishes for a speedy recovery and Thanks for sharing and helping others learn from your unfortunate experience.

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    WoW. I know i worry about the dogs like other people worry about their kids. Im so glad your story turned ok. Looks like someone was looking out for you and your buddy.
    Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe.

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    Matt, I'm shivering just from reading this. When you knew you had to take action, you did. I hope his recovery is full and lasting.

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    wow , what a experience, thoughts and prayers that all is going well.. maria

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    Mike W is a friend of mine and put this up on our website and I just wanted to let you know My prayers and thoughts go out to you and Ace. I believe in the power of prayer.

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    What a story. Like you I hate making a decision that hurts my dog. In my opinion your reaction to the situation is a real credit to your commitment to your dog. Your response was great. Prayers sent for a continued recovery for both you and the dog. Rick

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    Duck envy


    Matt you did a awsome job.I am just glad you used your head and did not lose your mind or thouht.Really happy ace is ok.My prayer's and thought's are with you and Ace.

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    And the miracles just keep on coming on this, the first day of a new year. As I type this, Ace is resting comfortably in front of the fire back at home! He was given the "clearance to go home" yesterday evening and granted all of my New Year's wishes a little early. The vet who has been monitoring his case felt that he was stable and alert enough to rest and re-coup in the comfort of his home, under the caveat that any alterations in behavior or temp (which I'm watching) are cause for the 5 minute trip back to the emergency clinic. He has slept in the deepest slumber I can ever recall observing, but I'm not complaining. We're alive....and kickin' (at least Ace is in his dreams, which I assume involves chasing cripples through the flooded woods of NE Arkansas).

    Ace and I want to Thank each and every one of you from the deepest bottom of our hearts for your support and Prayers. I am convinced that this miracle was continually fueled by the tremendous amount of thoughts and prayers offered up by friends and strangers (who are far from strangers, rather family who are merely separated by spatial distance). We will make it. And we're stronger for this. Under advisement from several people whose opinion I greatly respect, Ace will likely sit the remainder of this duck season on the sidelines. Then in February we'll ease back into our training regiment and see where we stand. I must admit that I felt extremely guilty loading up this morning to head to the timber while leaving him in the warmth of his dogbed, and even worse after we lit our first big group of birds...but deep inside I know that Ace would want it that way, as he's just as "eat up wid' it" as I am. And we'll have plenty of time in our long journey ahead to go after just "one more bird".

    Thanks again,

    Matt and Ace
    "Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes." - Oscar Wilde

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