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Thread: 10 minutes from retrieving to "should be dead"

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    Senior Member MoJo's Avatar
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    Mar 2004


    Matt and Ace,

    Many thanks for having the courage to be instrumental in saving your dog and more importantly, for posting this to educate others who might someday be in a similar situation.

    While reading this, I kept telling myself, "Stop now! This dog is not going to make it and you know you don't want to hear that." I did not listen to such faulty reason and am thrilled that Ace is doing well.

    You did nothing wrong, knowing what you did at the time; and you did everything right by letting others know what you gleaned from this traumatic lesson.

    Prayers to you both,
    ~Moira Sheehan
    Third Creeks Twisted Sister***
    Hallelujah Toulouse's Jean (House Guardian Pyr)
    RIP - Moriah's Rumor's Oopsy-Do (Mini Dachshund)

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    Senior Member Bud Bass's Avatar
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    Dec 2007
    wasilla alaska


    Thank you deeply for taking the time and caring enough to post your accounting of the days events. We in Alaska hunt a lot of cold water, and hopefully we can learn from your experience. I'm sure I'm not the only one with tears in my eyes as I read of the events of the day assuming only the worse would be the outcome. I wish your dog a long and healthy life and believe fully that you deserve a dog like that, you knew what to do and acted quickly without hesitating. Bud Bass, Wasilla, AK
    Shower sex
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    Member xqwerty13x's Avatar
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    Nov 2007
    da windy city


    wow .. that brought a tear to my eye !

    hope he makes a 100% man !

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    May 2004
    Knoxville, TN

    Default that was close and I'm extremely happy that it is all going well now. Thanks for letting us all know the dangers of the cold and that our 4-legged hunting partners are not immune to it.

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    Mar 2007
    Nevada, IA


    Gald to hear everything is going good.

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    Senior Member Janice Gunn's Avatar
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    Jan 2005


    Holy cow.....didn't think I was going to be shedding tears in my cup o' coffee this
    What a wonderful ending to a terrifying story.

    We can all learn something from this, thank you for posting.
    It wasn't that long ago we were reading about the dangers of heat stroke.
    Either way it is never intentional but having the knowledge of what to do in these
    situations could be life saving.

    I hope Ace will have a successful and full recovery.
    Could you heat him up some chicken noodle soup and say it was from me

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    Nov 2007
    Lino Lakes, MN



    I'm pullin for Ace in a full recovery, sounds like he's doing good. Thanks for being a brave guy and posting the full story so that we all can learn from your experience. I'm training my first pup right now and next fall I'll remember Ace's story when that water starts getting cold.

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    Oct 2006


    Wow, I can only imagine what that was like. I learned a lesson from your story.


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    I read your message and needless to say I was first suffering with you--tears rolling down--then relieved to hear Ace is doing well. During the short time in reading your story I was thinking about the how quickly something like this can happen through no fault of your own. It goes to show how faithful your hunting companion is and how you saved his life because of that devotion. From our Ace and us to you and your Ace good luck in recovery and good hunting next year

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    How is Ace doing now?

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