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Thread: Speaking of Cosmo...

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    Default Speaking of Cosmo...

    What characteristics did he pass on to his sons that they throw also? Do they throw pups that tend to be on the hot side as well? Can anyone provide any information and his boys like Charlie or Rex, what other Cosmo boys are out there? Thanks

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    I can't speak from the first generation, but I have a Lean Mac and Cosmo grandson. He is as hot as they come, and a great marker, very smart, and pretty good on the line for a 15 month old pup.
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    This is the pedigree for my Cosmo boy. He has never been bred. So we have nothing to go by as far as offspring. If somebody wants to find out, the stud fee would be very reasonable.
    "Tony" needs 1 point for both his titles in Canada.
    He himself is .....well NUTS...more desire than needed, very good marker and a handles like a
    Porsche. From all the Cosmo sons I have seen he is probaly one of the more "correct" ones.
    80+ lbs. in working weight.
    buy scale
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    i've got a cosmo bitch puppy who is almost 9 weeks old, and she's got SPUNK!!! more attitude and go then any puppy i've had. she's definately at this point on the wild side, but that very well can change, so dont take my word.
    oh and when someone picks her up, she's a total sweetheart which i like.
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