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Thread: Dudley's revisited...

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    Default Dudley's revisited...

    Ok folks, I have a few questions/thoughts to pose. As far as Dudleys go, some define them as yellows with chocolate nose and eyerims. Others define them as yellows lacking pigment or having really pink nose and eye rims.

    My questions are to those that view them as yellows with chocolate nose and eye rims resulting from a chocolate genes with yellow coat color genes:

    Should there be an "undesirable" label given to dogs produced by two normal looking healthy specimens of the breed? If you have a normally confirmed yellow factored chocolate bitch, that was bred to say, Gates, who is tri-factored, producing a yellow with brown nose, why is this a problem?

    Thoughts please.


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    A yellow with liver pigment, as I understand it, is not a true dudley which would be classified as being a yellow with no pigment. In that case under the scenario you describe it should make no difference whatsoever.
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    Under the AKC standard, a dog lacking pigment in its nose or around its eyes is disqualified. That is a "Dudley." There is nothing wrong with a yellow having a liver pigmented nose or eye rims. However, I prefer yellows with black noses .I think my preference is shared by many who might otherwise be interested in getting a yellow Lab. As a consequence, when I bred my yellow factored chocolate female, I was careful to avoid breeding her to any male that was yellow factored (Chlt-CY). I had originally planned to breed her to Gates (Black-BYC). After I had her color tested and discovered that she was yellow factored, I bred her to Cuda (Chlt) instead. I was satisfied that either litter would produce strong pups and mix well with my female.

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