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Thread: Tennis' New Faces...

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    Senior Member Keith Farmer's Avatar
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    Default Tennis' New Faces...

    For tennis fans this has to be a bitter sweet time. Roger Federer falls at the Australian Open but the game is seeing a rise of new talent that is phenominal in every regard. Below are two of the top guns from the men's side:

    Also, women's tennis is seeing a much needed boost via some of the new super stars. Here is Ana Ivonovic...capable and strikingly good looking as well!

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    Senior Member GulfCoast's Avatar
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    Wow! A pro athlete, very pretty, and she can't even afford water for her swimming pool!

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    Senior Member T-Pines's Avatar
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    I have been watching as much tennis as I can stay awake for. I like the matches that are still on when I get up at 4:30 a.m. for the dogs I was hoping that Federer could have hung on a couple more hours this morning, would have been a nice treat before work. It has been way too cold to go out and train dogs,so I am really glad for the tennis. I agree, it is nice to have some new good looking (male and female) blood in the sport .
    Enjoy the rest of the matches.

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    Senior Member Laranie Labs's Avatar
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    Apr 2006
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    I must admit that I'm a "closet" tennis fan, but only because I believe that tennis is the only sport that I enjoy watching women play more than men...I can't figure out why! I'm pretty excited to watch Miss Sharapova and Miss Ivanovic scream at each other!

    I wouldn't mind being their ball boy for their upcoming match!

    Give 'em hell Devils! PT-42

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    Senior Member Aussie's Avatar
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    Currently watching the game on TV, as yet another hot day. We live about 35 miles from Melbourne.

    Tall fit girls!!!!! Ana is also studying finance at university. Busy young lady. Impressive. Both players 20 years old.
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