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Thread: Day's End Pro-Pop Pro-motion... ***FREE POPPERS***

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    Now that is a great idea!! Have to try to convince our club to try those out just for the safety aspect. For me the Fiocchi's are way too loud but I would accept a little extra noise if it is safer at the end of the barrel.

    Credit where credit is due regards,

    Dan Cram

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    Shayne, you know that flattery will get you know where with me, but keep trying.

    Safety should be the up most concern for every one including our dogs during any hunt test or field trial. I have personally witnessed two shotgun blank related accidents and have heard of several more.
    If a box of 12 ga. shells says blanks, the misconception is that, oh it goes boom and that want hurt me. “WRONG” The truth is that all blanks and or poppers are very dangerous and can kill. Also blowing off knee caps, groin’s and toes to mention some of the pasted accidents.
    Day’s End poppers differ from our competitors in two ways. #1 it has no wad or dividers,
    “Paper or cork” between the gun power and the buffer/filler or at the end of the shell.
    #2 our buffer/filler is a very find grind of environmentally friendly material, No Bird seed or cream of wheat to act as a projectile.

    John, thanks for the how loud question. It took some time to get the right mix for the report that I wanted along with absolute consistency. Scale 1 to 10. My opinion only.
    Fiochi 8
    Day’s End 6.5
    Winchester smokeless power 7
    Kent 5 - 6
    Winchester black power 10

    Thank you Mr Booty

    Jerry Day
    Jerry Day

    The harder you train smarter the luckier you get.
    "He that seeks the minimum usually gets it"

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    WOW incredible response so far........... better start stocking up!!!


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    I am a club administrator on EE, but forwarded the info to the board, although they probably already got it. What a great bonus!
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